LD035: Professional Practice & Project Management: Managing Projects from Design to Completion
Taking a landscape project from start to finish while keeping the client and the contractor (or crew) comes with many trials and tribulations. It is truly an art keeping all happy while still making your margins.
Participants will learn how to manage projects as well as expectations. Beyond designing a landscape plan or the craftsmanship to execute on site, we will focus on the behind-the-scenes skills that are needed to keep on track, maintain sanity and create successful projects that will generate future business for both the designer and contractor.
Discussion and assignments will deal with the fundamentals of project management, relationships with clients, consultants, office procedures, promotional practices.
Landscape designers who want to make projects more dynamic and efficient should attend.
Participants will look at their current management skills and method with an eye for developing and gaining increased knowledge and process refinement.
Let's chat..the presenter will ask participants to share past challenges, what went well and what didnít. And share reference material to help you in your business.

LO member price: $160.00
Non-member price: $285.00
Maximum participants: 20
Location: Landscape Ontario, 7856 5th Line S., Milton
Instructor: John Bouwmeister, Bouwmeister Inc.
Date: Tuesday February 13, 2024 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
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