LP060: NEW -The Growth and Maintenance of Woody Plants
Woody plants, like trees and shrubs, have some unique characteristics and growth patterns that are different than the growth of herbaceous plants. This seminar will have a detailed look at these differences and explain how they impact plant cultivation.

The seminar will explain things like, why do trees not freeze in winter? Where do you find tree roots – do they really make tap roots? How does wood actually form and why does a girdled tree die? What are suckers and water sprouts, and how can they be controlled? How should trees be protected in winter? What are dormant buds and how do they influence pruning. Along with answers to these and other questions you will be provided with practical advice for taking care of woody plants in the garden.

Lunch not included

LO member price: $73.00
Non-member price: $131.00
Maximum participants: 20
Location: Landscape Ontario, 7856 5th Line S., Milton
Instructor: Robert Pavlis, Aspen Grove Gardens
Date: Tuesday February 28, 2023 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
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