OL100: NEW-Team Dynamics & Engagement
Companies create a business strategy and determine what business results they want to achieve—but then they often glaze over the critical “people” work that should be happening in between. They fail to intentionally, consistently, and strategically design high-performing teams and company culture. They fail to manage people in a way that pushes them to be their best.

In this session, we teach leaders how to drastically improve their team’s performance by building teams that trust each other, communicate, and hold each other accountable—so the business can maximize their bottom line.

Leaders leave with knowledge of the different team types, and how to design for strategic action based on business and team goals.

This is a online learning presentation. Digital platform details will be emailed closer to the presentation date.

LO member price: $60.00
Non-member price: $75.00
Location: Online Learning
Instructor: Jason Taylor,Predictive Success
Date: Monday February 27, 2023 10:00 am - 11:00 am
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