EN010: Xeriscaping: Selecting Drought- Tolerant Plants for Landscape Projects
This half-day seminar is for landscapers who wish to incorporate water conservation into their landscape and maintenance projects. Participants will learn which plants are drought tolerant and what steps can be taken to conserve irrigation and use it more efficiently. Matching plants to soil and exposure, along with creative ways to capture water such as rainwater harvesting, and a discussion of the benefits of xeriscaping will also be covered. This seminar is recommended for designers, contractors, and maintenance firms along with parks departments.
Consider continuing with LP047 Ornamental Ways to Handle Rainwater.
Note: Lunch not included

LO member price: $62.00
Non-member price: $120.00
Maximum participants: 25
Location: LO Home Office, Milton
Instructor: Sean James, Sean James Consulting and Design
Date: Friday February 9, 2018 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
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