LG009: Legal Obligations of the Landscape Employer
As an employer, you have a number of legal obligations: some imposed by statute, some by contract and some by the courts. Do you understand your legal obligations as an employer? This seminar will provide an update on a variety of employment issues, including:
Understanding legislation:
* The Employment Standards Act and why employment contracts are important
* Part time vs. full time vs. salaried; is there a difference?
* Vacation time, vacation pay, overtime pay, hours of work and breaks
Ontario Human Rights Code:
* Discrimination and harassment
* Attendance
* Accommodation
Workplace Safety and Insurance Act:
* Premiums
* Reporting
* Claims management
Occupational Health and Safety Act:
* Subcontractor considerations
* Due diligence
Dealing with workplace accidents:
* Reporting
* Ministry of Labour
* Investigation
* Potential charges
* Potential defenses
NOTE: This is an interactive seminar geared towards supervisors, human resource professionals and upper management and will discuss the above important issues and more.
NOTE: Participants are invited to email questions kathym@landscapeontario.com prior to attending so that the instructor can prepare answers for that day.
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LO member price: $125.00
Non-member price: $240.00
Maximum participants: 25
Location: LO Home Office, Milton
Instructor: Representative from Sherrard Kuzz LLP Employment and Labour Lawyers
Date: Wednesday March 15, 2017 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
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