LA005: Below the Ground: Introduction to Soils and Tree Roots
Seminar Cancelled
Approximately 40 percent of a tree's biomass is below ground, as a vast network of roots. Because roots lie out of sight, their care and protection are often overlooked, resulting in poor performance. Understanding how roots grow and the importance of healthy soil is vital knowledge for anyone working with trees to understand.
This seminar will cover:
*Basics of tree biology
*Root growth and soil science
*Importance of healthy soil and proper nutrient cycling
*How to assess soil conditions to improve soil health
*How to help protect tree roots during construction
*Routine maintenance for root and soil health

Participants are encouraged to ask questions and share case studies from their own work experiences. Landscape designers, technicians, contractors and architects, along with property managers, groundskeepers and arborists should attend.
Note: ISA continuing education units (CEU's) available.

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Maximum participants: 25
Location: Landscape Ontario, 7856 5th Line S., Milton
Date: Tuesday March 22, 2011 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
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