TM014: New- Nematodes The Undercover Hero’s of the Lawncare
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The seminar focuses on natural controls for various turf grass pests. Debunking the myth that natural controls are ineffective. With an in-depth explanation of nematodes, how they work, tips and tricks for getting the best possible results. Learning which nematode to use for which pest, can make a world of difference in results.
This seminar is ideal for lawn care specialists that are hoping to go a little greener and cater to the next generation of home owners. Our clients are becoming more and more concerned with what they are applying to their yards, they want it to be safe, sustainable, and as natural as possible. Learn how to be ahead of the curve as this trend is only going to continue.
Note: IPM .99 CEC awarded
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Maximum participants: 8
Location: Landscape Ontario, 7856 5th Line S., Milton
Instructor: John Robertson, Natural Insect Control
Date: Friday March 18, 2022 9:00 am - 12:30 pm
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