OL033: Annuals - the New, the Favourites, the Underappreciated and the Mimics
This session will take a unique look at annual flowers.
Discussing popular new releases from plant breeders, as well as those that have stood the test of time along with annuals that could and should be more widely planted in our landscapes.
We will also talk about a selection of perennials that bloom for an exceptionally long time during the growing season that could be used in landscapes the same way annuals are.

This is a online learning presentation. Digital platform details will be emailed closer to the presentation date.

Note: Consider following up with the NEW in-class Creating Containers that Perform seminar Mar.11th (LP057) - https://legacy.horttrades.com/seminars/2022-03-11/LP057

LO member price: $45.00
Non-member price: $60.00
Maximum participants: 30
Location: Online Learning
Instructor: Rodger Tschanz, University of Guelph
Date: Thursday February 3, 2022 10:00 am - 11:00 am
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