LBM104: Attract,Identify and Hire New Employees
Your company is only as good as the quality of employees you can Attract, Hire and Retain. Most landscaping companies are great at doing the work but may struggle at creating a systematic hiring approach.
People attending this workshop will learn "best practices" on:
*How to find candidates, where to advertise and how to "throw the net out wider" to attract more candidates
*The resume is a "picture of somebody's best attributes" and it is "buyer beware" when this is your screening tool
*Interviewing - how to conduct effective telephone and in person interviews to separate the great from the poor
*Onboarding - first impressions are critical, developing a good plan to "onboard" new staff and teach them the essentials of the position dramatically increases retention
Attendees should be ready to "roll up their sleeves", share experiences and learn new skills and systems to hire team players. This seminar is for those who do the hiring. Andrew will share a proven recruiting system that has helped over 60 landscaping, nursery and arbor companies to hire the right people to grow their business.
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LO member price: $137.50
Non-member price: $264.00
Maximum participants: 25
Location: Home2Suites by Hilton 8490 Parkhill Dr., Milton for directions only call 289-878-3800
Instructor: Andrew Wall, Sandler Training
Date: Wednesday November 28, 2018 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
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