LS030: Working at Heights Training Program
Seminar Cancelled
Employers must ensure that certain workers complete a Working at Heights training program as approved by the Ministry of Labour, this means green industry crews that may work jobs 10' or higher.
This program is for workers involved in construction who might fulfill mandatory requirements for fall protection, and will cover subjects on travel restraint, fall restriction, fall arrest, safety nets, work belts, guardrails, safety covers, barrier systems, ladders and other topics. The seminar is provided by an MOL approved trainer, and training cards are issued by the Ontario Ministry of Labour.
Note: The program is presented in English only, if any assistance is needed participants should indicate this prior to writing the test.
Lunch not included

LO member price: $0.00
Non-member price: $0.00
Maximum participants: 10
Location: Herc Rentals, 35 Claireville Dr. (Hwy.427 and Finch Ave.) Etobicoke (416) 679-4173 (for directions)
Instructor: Bruce Hannah, Herc Rentals
Date: Wednesday September 26, 2018 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
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