By Jacki Hart CLP
Prosperity Partners program manager

Jacki HartI have a new set of questions for this month’s article. Rather than focus on one Prosperity Partner business, I want you to focus on yours, whether or not you have yet engaged in the Prosperity Partners Program.

As summer comes to a close, and the shift to fall projects starts to fill your schedule, I want you to pause and reflect on how this season has been for you. Take a moment to answer these questions:

  1. Has this season unfolded the way I anticipated it would, and in what ways?
  2. What have and will I be adding to my ‘November’ file? (That’s the stuff you intentionally leave for winter to fix or improve.)
  3. What changes have I made to reduce the recurring challenges/frustrations in my business this year? Are they working and sustainable?
  4. How have I applied the new ideas and learning I engaged in last winter for my career/business?
  5. What are the next steps in professional development for me or my business?

I recommend that you write your answers down for the above questions, because unless you do, and take the time to reflect on them, you will most likely have the same answers to the same questions next year (and perhaps last year!). Your business and career development require your leadership. Unless you step back to work ON them, they won’t change. The Prosperity Partners program is designed to give you the tools to effectively work ON improving your business, as painlessly as possible. We are here to help you succeed, and attain the goals and work-life balance you want.

For this winter’s professional development season at Landscape Ontario, we have scheduled every Prosperity Partners activity for our members in every chapter. Take a look, and start to plan on attending your next professional development step before they are sold out.

Every new member to Landscape Ontario must now attend the Introductory Prosperity Partners seminar. If you haven’t already, sign-up as available spaces will fill up fast. Go to for more information.

You’ll notice on the chart to the right, a new seminar entitled, Roundtable Discussions. This is a networking format which will focus on the five Prosperity Pillars: Leadership, Financial Health, Professional Operations, Sales Success and Developing Customers for Life. This seminar has stemmed from the huge engagement and requests from Prosperity Partners businesses that have benefitted greatly from the networking and discussions that emerged from our seminars. We have developed an opportunity for more discussion with The roundtable seminar. It is open to all business owners who have attended the introductory seminar.

Jacki Hart may be reached at