LI006: Irrigation Component Repair and Troubleshooting
This seminar is for both new and experienced irrigation personnel, covering the most common problems and how you can analyze them on the job.
Participants will learn:
* Hands-on how to cut and clamp poly pipe
* Proper method for PVC pipe priming and gluing
* Methods and approaches to solve common problems
* How to install PVC repair couplings and telescopic devices for quick fixes.
* Teflon taping application for preventing connection leaks
* Proper method for wiring an irrigation system.
* Tools needed in your truck,spare parts and other helpful items
* How to repair or replace a component that is malfunctioning

Note: This seminar includes hands-on learning. PPE should be available - CSA approved footwear and eyewear.

Recommended prerequisites: seminars LI003, LI026 or a good irrigation background.

LO member price: $160.00
Non-member price: $285.00
Maximum participants: 20
Location: Landscape Ontario, 7856 5th Line S., Milton
Instructor: Steven Hernandez, Groundhog Landscaping
Date: Wednesday March 20, 2024 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
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