Thomas Blatter - Dreamestate Ldscpg
Cathal Boyd
Janet Ennamorato - Creative Garden Designs
Jason Gaw - Sycamore Landscape
Peter Guinane - Chair - Oriole Ldscpg
Ryan Heath - Ryan Heath Professional
Eric Horst - Waterloo Rep
Allan Kling - Vice chair 2017
Arvils Lukss - Landscapes by Lucin
Fran MacKenzie - Golden Horseshoe Rep
Brian Marsh - Earth Art Landscapes
Kristen McIntyre - LO
Kristen McIntyre
Joseph Morello
Kathleen Pugliese - LO
Rob Redden - Geo. Lakelands Rep
Lee Rozon - Golden Horseshoe Rep
David Turnbull - Canada Blooms Rep
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Sample Contract and Tender Prequalification Form - Sample Contract and Tender Pre-qualification Form This form is available only to current member companies of Landscape Ontario. Mis-use or mis-representation by a non-member compa... [Read More]
MTO trip inspections required every 24 hours for all Commercial Motor Vehicles - [Read More]
Industry Certification through CHT - Industry Certification through CHTEmployees of landscape and grounds management companies can prove their skill and competence through certification in the Canadian Certified Horticultural Technician ... [Read More]
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