Jamie Aalbers - Consultant
Rob Albrecht - John's Nursery (vice chair)
Andrew Barbour - Connon/CBV
Gerwin Bouman - Stam Nurs (Bd Rep
Dave Braun - Braun Nurseries
Steve Burgess - Braun Nurseries
Jeff Gregg - V. Kraus Nurs
Michael LaPorte - Clearview Nursery
Serge Leclair - Kam's
Jennifer Llewellyn - OMAFRA
Glen Lumis - Univ. of Guelph
John Mantel - Connon/AVK (Chair)
Kristen McIntyre
John Moons
Rob Naraj - Sheridan - Georgetown
Mark Ostrowski - Laurel Forest Farms (CNLA rep)
Kathleen Pugliese
Bill Putzer - Putzer Nurs
Paul-Britman Rapai - Fox Hollow Farms
Joel Schraven - Pickering Nurseries
Fred Somerville - Somerville Nurseries
David Turnbull
Mark Verbinnen - Verbinnen's (treasurer)
Shane Way - Potters Road Nurs.
Rita Weerdenburg - CNLA
Jeanine West - PhytoServ
Youbin Zheng - Univ. of Guelph
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Fertilizer placement study results - Improve nutrient management in container production. [Read More]
Integrated Pest Management and Biosecurity Manual - A framework for Pest Management in Nursery Crop Production [Read More]
Action items from Growers Think Tank - 60 LO growers attended a Think Tank, held at the Milton office in January. Executive director, Tony DiGiovanni noted the reasons for getting together were to investigate collective ways to improve the sector's prosperity. How to promote the value of, and stimulate demand, for Ontario-grown plants, and the best way to coordinate supply with demand, were also discussed. [Read More]


September 12th
Industry Auction 2017
Brookdale Treeland Nurseries (BTN), Schomberg, ON
Do I hear an opening bid? Landscape Ontario will hold the annual industry auction on September 12, 2017 at Brookdale Treeland Nurseries (BTN) in Schomberg, ON.
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February 7th
Nursery Growers Short Course 2018
Royal Botanical Garden, Burlington
Save the date for the 2018 event.
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