One of the most important mandates of the Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation is to nurture and advance the horticultural industry through the funding of industry-related scholarships. Each year the Foundation makes available a number of scholarships in the following categories. These awards are determined by available funding and the applications received. Note: all applicants must reside in Ontario.

Application submission deadline is June 30, 2021 for the upcoming academic year and attended a full-time school program. All scholarships are subject to availability of funds. See link at below for application form.

Available scholarships


Scholarships for High School Graduates:

College or University Scholarship, $1,000
Five $1,000 scholarships for first-year full time students entering a horticultural program at an accredited college or university.
Criteria: Candidates must complete the application form and provide a two-page essay on why you want to enter the horticultural industry. Include your interests and experience in the horticulture industry in your essay, and enclose your updated high school transcript.  

Casey van Maris Memorial Scholarship, $1,000
Available to secondary students entering the first year of a full time post-secondary ornamental horticulture program of an accredited educational institution. Candidates will be chosen based on transcripts and a two-page essay on why they want to enter the horticultural industry. Transcripts must accompany application.

Apprenticeship Scholarship, $600
Five $600 scholarships for students in a horticulture apprenticeship program at an accredited college or university.
Criteria: Candidates must complete the application form, provide a two-page essay on why you want to enter into the horticultural industry, include your interests and experience in the industry.  
Note: Confirmation letter of acceptance on school letterhead must be provided prior to scholarship being sent to recipient

Post-secondary Scholarships:

Post-secondary Scholarships, $1,000
Available to full time students entering the final year of a horticultural degree or diploma program, or any other program of benefit to the horticultural industry, at university, college or polytechnic institute. Candidates will be chosen based on transcripts and a two paragraph essay on why they entered the horticultural industry and what they see as their future in the industry. Transcripts must accompany application.

Horticulturist Scholarship, $500
Available to a full time student entering the final year of any horticultural program in Ontario who achieves excellence in plant material courses. Candidates will be chosen based on transcripts and a two paragraph essay on why they entered the horticultural industry and what they see as their future in the industry. Transcripts must accompany application.

Tony DiGiovanni Scholarship, $1,000
Available to full time students enrolled in any post-secondary landscape or horticultural program. This scholarship is awarded to the candidate that best exemplifies the qualities that build trust in the profession of horticulture.  
Criteria: Candidates must be nominated by their teachers, with a letter citing specifics that reflect the candidate’s character and behaviour. Transcripts must accompany application. Supporting reference letters from fellow students and/or employers are helpful.
Note: Only one application per university or college is accepted for this scholarship.

Horst Dickert Memorial Scholarship, $1,000    
Available to a full time student enrolled in a post-secondary horticulture or landscape-related program, or any other program with areas of study of benefit to the horticulture industry, at an Ontario college or university. The candidate must have an interest in native plants and their use in the landscape, demonstrated by a letter from an instructor and/or an employer.

Waterloo Chapter Green Industry Scholarship - $1,000
Available to a student enrolled into a “green industry” program as it relates to one or several of the Association’s industry sector groups.  
Criteria: The applicant must be a member of the Waterloo Chapter including family (children or grandchildren), employee of a member company or family of employee and attending an accredited college or university. Send application to Landscape Ontario. Review and selection of recipient will be by Waterloo Chapter Board of Directors.

Russel and Karen Loney Scholarship - $500
Available to a full time student entering their final year of the Horticultural Program at Humber College, with an interest in pursuing property maintenance. Available to one student per year, nominated by their teachers, with a letter of recommendation and transcripts to accompany the application. 

Bob and Ruby Allen Scholarship - $500
Criteria: The scholarship is for at mature student in first or second year apprenticeship program at Fanshawe College. The recipient will be chosen by the course coordinator.  

Post-graduate Scholarships:

Post-graduate Scholarships, $1,000
Available to a student entering a PhD or Masters program in Horticulture or Landscape Architecture at an accredited Ontario university. Candidates will be chosen based on transcripts and a two paragraph essay on why they entered the horticultural industry and what they see as their future in the industry. The award is based on overall average.

John and Ruth Wright Scholarship, $2,000
Post-graduate Studies in Turf Management    
Criteria: MSc or PhD students conducting research under a University of Guelph faculty member, that is relevant to the turfgrass industry in Ontario. Preference will be giving to students working on projects that benefit the home lawn industry or aid the development and improvement of Class 11 pesticides. Applicant to submit application including a letter (no more than two pages) outlining the research project and the proposed benefit to the turfgrass industry. A letter of reference from an advisor and school transcript are also required. The recipient will be selected based on quality and relevance of the graduate research.

Unilock Collaborative Communications Scholarship - $1,000
As part of Unilock’s commitment to helping create extraordinary outdoor spaces that people can enjoy for generations to come, this scholarship recognizes students who appreciate the collaborative team effort that brings these projects to fruition.
Criteria: Available to a student enrolled into an approved full time post-secondary school program pertaining to design and its relationship to the built environment. The applicant must submit a short essay (maximum 400 words) outlining the importance of good communication in facilitating collaboration between the client, designer, suppliers and contractor in the creation of extraordinary outdoor spaces. Students should seek to touch on the importance of collaborative communication throughout the project development process, from inception to completion, and ideally use examples from their own experience. Must also include two letters of reference and resume.

Other Scholarships Available:

Ottawa Chapter Scholarship, $500
Available to a graduate of any horticultural program in Ontario who is currently working for a member of Landscape Ontario’s Ottawa Chapter. The award is based on excellence, dedication to the profession and submitted transcripts.

Upper Canada Chapter Scholarships, $500
The “Dan Clost Scholarship”; “Lisa Purves-Smith Scholarship”; and “Esmonde-White Scholarship” for continuing education in horticulture, are available for $500 each for those who have furthered the development of horticulture education and awareness in the Upper Canada Chapter.
Criteria: One recipient from each region — east, central, and west — each year. If there is no applicant from one of the regions, the board will/may award the three scholarships according to the other Awarding Criteria.

Awarding Criteria:
  • No age limit on the candidates
  • Must be for an accredited post secondary program that runs more than one year in duration ie: apprenticeship, diploma, degree etc.
  • Proof of residence within the geographical region of the UCC
  • Special considerations may be given if a candidate’s school is within the geographical region but residence is outside boundary
  • Candidates must submit an essay explaining how their program choice of post secondary study will further their career development within the field of horticulture
  • Demonstrate leadership skills ie: 4H, youth group, public service, etc. This is not meant to be a hindrance to candidate’s validation; proper consideration/allowances will be given to their mandatory 40 hours of community service
  • Recipient may not be awarded the bursary in consecutive years unless approved by the board
  • Application deadline: March 31st each year
Full details at

Graduate Research Assistant Program, $6,000
Available to a graduate student at the University of Guelph studying at a Masters or Doctorate level.  The candidate is chosen by the University’s Department of Plant Agriculture or School of Environmental Sciences, and approved by the Growers Group of Landscape Ontario and HRIO.

Cullen Scholarships Program

Requirements for Eligibility:
Students must be involved in a full time Landscape/Horticultural Program at the following schools (listed below). Candidates to be nominated by their instructor.

Scholarship Criteria:
The Cullen Scholarships are designed to encourage and inspire leadership qualities in students who have a passion and enthusiasm for the landscape horticulture industry. They will be awarded to contribution-oriented candidates who possess integrity, honesty, perseverance and initiative and who care about their fellow students, teachers, community and industry.    
Selection Process:
Candidates will be selected by their peers and teachers. The Coordinator of the program will host an election process and submit a brief profile of the winning candidate to Mark Cullen and the Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation. The profile will outline the character attributes of the successful candidate.  
Profile Essay/Letter of Recommendation should answer the following questions:
  1. Why are you recommending this student for a Cullen Scholarship, please be specific?
  2. What accomplishments has this student achieved that qualifies them for the Cullen Scholarship?
  3. What comments did other students make in reference to this student’s qualifications?
  4. One of the criteria for choosing students to receive this scholarship is “leadership qualities” – please describe the leadership qualities of this candidate?
Selection Process for the Need Based Scholarship:  
The coordinator of the program will apply on behalf of a candidate who is experiencing financial challenges that will make it difficult for the candidate to complete their program. 
When submitting the application, please provide the following contact information of the candidate:
  1. Mailing address
  2. Email address
  3. Phone number
 Scholarship Categories:
School Program Scholarship Amount Tuition per year (approx.)
1. University of Guelph Landscape Architecture Degree $2,000 $7,000
2. University of Guelph Horticultural Science Degree $2,000 $7,000
3. Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture $2,000 $875
4. Fanshawe College Landscape Design Diploma $2,000 $3,600
5. Fanshawe College Horticultural Technician Diploma $2,000 $3,600
6. St. Clair College Horticultural Technician Diploma $2,000 $2,700
7. Algonquin College Horticultural Industries Diploma $2,000 $2,700
8. Humber College Landscape Technician Diploma $2,000 $3,000
9. Durham College Horticultural Technician Diploma $2,000 $3,000
10. Seneca College Environmental Landscape Diploma $2,000 $1,700
11. Niagara College Horticultural Technician Diploma $2,000 $4,000
12. Ridgetown College Associate Diploma In Horticulture $2,000 $5,000
13. Apprenticeship (Any School) Horticultural Technician $1,000 $600
14 Apprenticeship (Any School) Horticultural Technician $1,000 $600
15 Needs Based Scholarship Any school $4,000  
TOTAL $30,000  
$4,000 will remain in the Cullen Scholarships Fund for a need-based circumstance.
Application Deadline: June 30, 2021. 
Application to be sent to:
Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation
c/o Landscape Ontario
7856 Fifth Line S
Milton, ON  L9T 2X8

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