A couple of weeks ago, I sent out the following call to action http://www.horttrades.com/hamilton-zoning-bylaw-update-and-call-to-action.  Since then Council has voted to recognize landscape companies in Flamborough and Ancaster.   Companies located in Flamborough and Ancaster must inform the city by May 15th for the first round of approvals and by August 30th for the second round.   Contact City of Hamilton Planner Diana Yakhni 905 546 2424 x 7582. Diana.Yakhni@hamilton.ca.   
This is good news for the affected companies but there is still a serious issue with those located elsewhere in Hamilton.  Landscape Ontario will continue to make a case for allowing Landscape companies on rural land, however concerned companies must become politically active and visit your councilor to ask for the same treatment.   

On a side note: Hamilton (and many other cities) have always considered Landscape companies operating on rural land to be illegal so in some respects nothing has changed.  In our past experience the only time this becomes an issue is when someone complains.   Most of the time we have been able to resolve these issues.  In some cases Landscape companies have been forced to move.   Please contact me at tony@landscapeontario.com if you have questions.