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 We are all in this together
Covid-19 is continuing to spread. Tomorrow Premier Ford is going to release projection models. He was clear the news was not going to be good. We have also received fearful calls from the public, employees, family of employees and many member companies urging Landscape Ontario to take a stronger official stand.  
Due to the provincial emergency order and because of unclear, confusing and conflicting information about the essential status of landscape work, we are advising members to cease operations until further clarity or notice from health officials.  
Don’t work unless you have explicit permission from the government. Even if you do, please use every precaution.  
We want to protect the reputations and health of our members and ensure the health and safety of your employees, clients and the front-line medical workers who are risking their lives. 
We understand how difficult this situation is. We know you are burdened with responsibility for your business,  your employees and clients. We know the pressure you are under from all sides. Please understand you are not alone. We are all in this together. The sooner we act in a common effort to control this pandemic, the sooner it will end. And it will end.  
Please visit  for resources to help you weather this storm.

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