Associate Members

Landscape Ontario Associate members are suppliers of products and services to the horticulture industry.

1833018 ON Inc O/A MM Cleaning & Restoration Services
Barrie   Phone: 705-795-1606
Cody Tibbits o/a CT Roofing Solutions
Barrie   Phone: 705-791-5875
Humber Aggregates & Soil Mixtures Ltd.
Toronto   Phone: 416-388-1333
001753503 Ontario Inc O/A James Cunningham
Sudbury   Phone: 705-562-8531
1000003831 Ontario Ltd O/A Kevin Imhoff Construction
Midhurst   Phone: 705-427-3724
1000093611 Ontario Inc O/A Damian Wolf Holdings Inc
Toronto   Phone: 647-400-5876
1000098239 Ontario Inc O/A Janssen Drainage and Landscape Consultants
Bracebridge   Phone: 705-385-0555
1000283677 Ontario Corporation o/a Meisner Developments
London   Phone: 519-520-1945
1022901 Ontario Inc
Copper Cliff   Phone: 705-522-1011
10304239 Canada Corp
Caledon   Phone: 519-942-0762
1111767 Ontario Limited O/A Ecospray
Midhurst   Phone: 877-344-1944
1124014 Ontario Limited O/A Lloyd Construction
Collingwood   Phone: 705-446-4819
1223564 Ontario Inc O/A Dupont Contracting
Vaughan   Phone: 416-741-4101
1227633 Ontario Inc O/A Paradise Sauna Outdoor
Utopia   Phone: 705-734-4745
1267932 Ontario Inc and/or Timberwolf Cotracting and/or Lewis Horwath
Blind River   Phone: 705-849-7300
13 Forty Landscape Supplies
Clarksburg   Phone: 519-599-1340
1311852 ONT Ltd O/A Georgian Water
Barrie   Phone: 705-812-0320
1323271 Ontario Inc O/A Tony Cucullo
Sudbury   Phone: 705-662-1329
1381509 Ontario Inc. O/A John Hicks
Sudbury   Phone: 705-665-1999
1450872 Ontario Inc O/A 145 Sheds
Maxwell   Phone: 519-922-1104
1468714 Ontario Ltd O/A Switzer's Contracting Services
Sudbury   Phone: 705-677-4930
1468766 Ontario Ltd
Garson   Phone: 705-525-0779
1492391 Ontario Inc O/A Federal Industrial Machinery
North York   Phone: 905-330-8177
1507681 Ontario Limited O/A Naves Service
Sauble   Phone: 519-422-1469
1558649 Ontario Inc O/A Marquis Nadeau Contracting
Hanmer   Phone: 705-690-4086
1558761 ON Ltd O/A Dennis J Simeoni
Sudbury   Phone: 705-626-7447
1558782 Ontario Inc o/a Dale Harnden
Garson   Phone: 705-688-8462
1594686 Ontario Inc o/a Nadeau Bros
Hanmer   Phone: 705-969-1128
1664898 Ontario Limited O/A Henks Custom Carpentry
Everett   Phone: 705-440-7919
1665426 Ontario Limited/William Clancy
Chepstow   Phone: 519-889-2344
1703687 Ontario Inc O/A Uptown Property Developments
Annan   Phone: 519-270-3792
1724057 ON Ltd/Atchison & Gibbons Concrete
South Bruce Penninsula   Phone: 519-270-9394
1728207 Ontario Inc O/A Alexandre Boisclair
Midhurst   Phone: 705-321-2529
1731393 Ontario Ltd O/A ThomKess Crane Rentals
Bobcaygeon   Phone: 416-732-5829
1732840 ON Inc O/A Carl Prescott
Sudbury   Phone: 705-691-7488
1732978 Ontario Limited O/A Peter Richter
Garson   Phone: 705-920-8020
1753430 Ontario Inc O/A Carniello Contracting
Sudbury   Phone: 705-562-3133
1777207 Ontario Ltd O/A More Than Concrete
Sudbury   Phone: 705-690-7696
1791559 Ontario Inc O/A Helicopters Canada
North Bay   Phone: 705-888-2433
1814667 O/A Maurisio Mariotti
Sudbury   Phone: 705-523-8048
1840339 Ontario Inc and/or Lakeshore Construction
Hanmer   Phone: 705-626-3333
1846250 Ontario Ltd. O/A Ballantyne Builds
Coldwater   Phone: 647-400-7116
1853002 Ontario Ltd
Barrie   Phone: 905-235-5363
1854020 Ont Inc O/A Jean Brassard
Val Caron   Phone: 705-665-0952
1860860 Ontario Inc o/a Christopher Gilbert
Brechin   Phone: 416-557-5524
1901396 Ontario Ltd O/A New2You Tire Sale & Service
Barrie   Phone: 705-888-3291
1948126 Ontario inc O/A Neil Farlow
Jordan Station   Phone: 905-329-1247
1959047 ON Ltd O/A M.Butler Custom Homes and Advanced Wastewater & Excavating Solutions
Dundas   Phone: 289-439-2345
1977487 Ontario Inc O/A The Tire Pros
Greely   Phone: 613-282-2609
2024515 Ontario Ltd O/A Smith Excavating, Grading & Sodding
Tottenham   Phone: 905-936-2332
2035755 Ontario Ltd O/A Dillon Bros Roofing
Zephyr   Phone: 905-473-1718
2067649 ON Ltd and/or Wyatt Kirby
Minesing   Phone: 416-319-0885
2223814 Ontario Ltd o/a Wally Earl
Maitland   Phone: 613-348-3119
2226960 Ontario Inc o/a Anderson Hino Woodstock and Anderson Kia
Woodstock   Phone: 519-533-5718
2245618 Ontario Inc/Central Marine
Midland   Phone: 705-527-3775
2262324 Ontario Limited O/A Castelli Contracting
Hamilton   Phone: 905-518-7264
2323470 Ontario Inc o/a The Bubalo Group
Sudbury   Phone: 647-228-3061
2441153 Ontario Inc o/a Natural Stones Rock
Oshawa   Phone: 905-259-5772
2450852 ONT Inc and/or Rick Kirby
Corbeil   Phone: 905-715-9868
2489960 Ontario Inc O/A KORE Infrastructure Group
Stouffville   Phone: 905-888-6281
2584009 Ontario Inc o/a David Vanden Berg
St.Ann   Phone: 905-517-4377
2617668 Ontario Limited OA Fawcett Excavation
2624310 Ontario Limited O/A Brock Contracting
Cannington   Phone: 647-458-7373
2632868 ON Inc O/A Cyprium Metal
Orangeville   Phone: 905-460-4512
2656980 Ont Inc O/A Ryan Bodden
Bancroft   Phone: 613-334-1840
2715892 Ontario Inc O/A JBC Concrete Forming & Finishing
Woodstock   Phone: 519-533-7947
2719262 Ontario Inc O/A Alden Rents
Smithville   Phone: 905-957-2306
2721033 Ont Inc O/A TM Hardscapes/Taylor Mombourquette
Port Carling   Phone: 705-746-0611
2803362 ON Inc and/or Jack Campsall and/or Laurie Chaput
Chelmsford   Phone: 705-929-1658
2849400 Ontario Inc
Lively   Phone: 705-507-4107
2862945 ONTARIO INC O/A Jameson Homes Inc.
Victoria Harbour   Phone: 705-718-8920
2932048 Ontario Inc. and/or Wilkinson Construction
Mulmur   Phone: 705-443-1920
3 Euro Windows Ltd
Waterloo   Phone: 519-589-0050
3 T Lift Division Ltd
Bradford   Phone: 905-775-7232
404 Stone Limited
Stouffville   Phone: 905-887-3404
5 Star Paving
Cambridge   Phone: 519-624-1712
5007077 Ontario Ltd O/A Badger Daylighting
Dundas   Phone: 289-260-8848
5054943 Ontario Inc. o/a Nickason Electric and/or Rodney Nickason
Allenford   Phone: 519-373-3687
654575 Ontario Limited O/A McClure Carpentry
Milton   Phone: 905-876-1423
7225156 Canada Inc. O/A Ali's Transportation
Acton   Phone: 416-722-7393
751387473 O/A Maximillian EPP
Caledon   Phone: 519-939-8706
7844689 Canada Inc O/A Utility Equipment Solutions Canada
Milton   Phone: 519-400-8046
798826 ON Inc O/A TRI-CITY Haulage
Guelph   Phone: 519-767-9628
883207 Ontario Ltd O/A Jeff Marshall
Baxter   Phone: 705-792-8665
900308 Ontario Inc O/A Northern Metering Services
Sudbury   Phone: 705-525-0296
934793 Ont. Inc. o/a Castleguard Homes
Burlington   Phone: 905-637-0734
948355 Ontario Ltd o/a OFS Group (Ough Fire Systems)
Barrie   Phone: 705-728-5289
996401 Ontario Inc and/or Gary T Hodgins
Sudbury   Phone: 705-561-0132
A Few Good Lads
Vancouver   Phone: 519-778-5019
A&A Masonry Inc
Mississauga   Phone: 416-999-3588
A&L Canada Laboratories Inc
London   Phone: 519-457-2575
A.J. Stone Co Ltd
Vaughan   Phone: 416-785-3752
A.M.A. Horticulture Inc
Kingsville   Phone: 519-322-1397
A.R.G. Contracting and/or Randy Gould
Tiny   Phone: 705-739-5317
Absolute Plumbing
Coniston   Phone: 705-691-5337
ABTECH Ontario Inc
Concord   Phone: 877-566-6183
Accuratus Design & Build Inc
London   Phone: 519-630-9644
Ace Fuels Inc
Orillia   Phone: 705-325-6905
Toronto   Phone: 416-913-0060
Action Heating Inc.
Bradford   Phone: 905-898-3860
Action Trailers
Strathroy   Phone: 519-245-8802
Active Water Haulage
Ennismore   Phone: 705-292-5670
Adam Stanley O/A Snyderdale Farms
Waterloo   Phone: 519-496-3957
Advance Construction Equipment Limited
Waterloo   Phone: 519-742-5878
Advantage Comfort Solutions
Barrie   Phone: 705-722-4328
Advantage Farm Equipment
Wyoming   Phone: 519-845-3346
Affordable Concrete Services
Cumberland   Phone: 613-835-2271
AG Designs Corp and/or Adam Garbutt/Paul Garbutt/Krista McKee
Stayner   Phone: 705-795-8361
AH Properties and/or Alexander Hill
Hamilton   Phone: 905-921-2703
Airport Railing Co. Ltd./Master Woodworking Centre Ltd
Mississauga   Phone: 416-936-1305
AJ Interlocking and/or Albert DeMaeyer
Penetanguishene   Phone: 705-446-5559
Al Reich's Backhoeing & Haulage Ltd
Walkerton   Phone: 519-881-2024
Aligned Contracting and/or Cory Van Bergen
Kincardine   Phone: 519-500-2092
Alkon Ltd
Garson   Phone: 705-920-0246
All Ways Roofing & Siding
Baysville   Phone: 705-766-9945
Alliance Agri-Turf Inc
Bolton   Phone: 905-857-2000
Alliance Designer Products Inc
Laval   Phone: 450-624-1611
Allsteel Fabrication Inc
Kitchener   Phone: 519-504-6096
Allturf Ltd
Innisfil   Phone: 705-431-0561
Aluminum Pergola
Mississauga   Phone: 647-993-3314
Amazon Railings
Vaughan   Phone: 905-763-9000
AMG Metals Inc
Sharon   Phone: 905-953-4111
AMI Attachments Inc.
Hawkesville   Phone: 519-669-0387
AMO Racing Corp
Gilford   Phone: 416-409-5402
Anderson's Cemetery Contracting
Stratford   Phone: 519-508-0541
Anna K. Marshall Holdings Inc & Marshall Renovations
Wellesley   Phone: 519-589-9261
Anthony's Excavating Central Inc & Elcho Farm Holdings Inc
Wellandport   Phone: 905-658-4106
Apex Muskoka
Port Carling   Phone: 705-346-1969
Aquacade Pools and Spas Ltd
Sudbury   Phone: 705-566-1552
Aquahalt Inc
Waterloo   Phone: 519-746-7368
Aquascape Inc
Concord   Phone: 905-454-7300
Mount Albert   Phone: 905-235-2619
Arbro Concrete Forming Ltd
Mt.Forest   Phone: 519-323-7092
Arctic Equipment Manufacturing Corp
Oakville   Phone: 905-844-6902
Arctic Spas Burlington
Burlington   Phone: 905-592-0282
Arete Development Group
Ajax   Phone: 416-302-0679
ARG Rentals Inc
Sudbury   Phone: 705-522-9444
Ariens and Gravely
Brillion   Phone: 812-357-5561
Arm and Hammer Construction Inc
Goodwood   Phone: 905-862-8216
Armstrong Trucko Ltd
Bolton   Phone: 416-891-8612
ARNTS - The Landscape Supplier Inc.
Whitby   Phone: 905-683-0887
Artscrushing & Recycling Inc
London   Phone: 519-521-1422
ASB Greenworld Ltd
Mount Elgin   Phone: 519-688-3413
Aspen Excavation & Haulage O/A Paul Clark
McDougall   Phone: 705-818-3124
Aspen Fuels
Chicago   Phone: 734-277-7917
Aspire Software
Chesterfield   Phone: 866-727-7473
Atcheson Contracting and/or Jim Atcheson
Minesing   Phone: 705-641-1491
Atlantis Corporation Pty Ltd
Southbank   Phone: 306-714-6553
Atlas Polar Company Ltd
Toronto   Phone: 416-751-7740
Attridge Holdings Inc
Baldwin   Phone: 416-678-1526
Aurora Crane Service Ltd
Holland Landing   Phone: 905-853-5438
Avalanche Property Services Division of Adepco Technologies Corp
Oakville   Phone: 905-844-2229
Avann Racing and/or Kenneth Avann
Sutton West   Phone: 905-868-6145
Avant Tecno USA Inc
Arlington Heights   Phone: 847-380-9822
AYR Welding (1977) Ltd
Ayr   Phone: 519-632-7176
B & T MacFarlane Ottawa Limited
Nepean   Phone: 613-225-0555
B.A.P. Heating & Cooling Services Ltd
Rockwood   Phone: 519-835-4858
B.R. Dickson Equipment Inc
Burlington   Phone: 905-331-5040
BA Contracting and/or William Allen (2781252 Ontario Inc)
Innisfil   Phone: 705-716-7037
BAFM Logistics
Oro   Phone: 705-487-3663
Bag O Sand Inc
Orangeville   Phone: 519-941-3242
BaleForce Recycling Equipment
Milton   Phone: 905-432-4024
Balsam Promotions
Newmarket   Phone: 905-830-1827
Banas Stones Inc
Bolton   Phone: 905-857-9684
Bannerman Ltd
Rexdale   Phone: 416-247-7875
Barr Construction LTD O/A Trevor Barr
Dunsford   Phone: 705-879-1144
Barrie Fibreglass Pools
Midhurst   Phone: 705-728-3500
Barrie Welding and Machine (1974) Ltd.
Barrie   Phone: 705-726-1444
Bassetts Inc
Carp   Phone: 613-880-0062
Bathe & McLellan Building Materials
Oshawa   Phone: 905-725-4761
Battlefield Equipment Rentals
Brampton   Phone: 905-457-4916
Bay King Chrysler
Hamilton   Phone: 905-383-7700
Baycrest Distribution Inc
Seguin   Phone: 705-203-0065
BB Truck Sales
Ottawa   Phone: 613-223-9817
BDT Equipment Corporation
Bloomingdale   Phone: 519-743-4409
Bear Electric Ltd
Clarksburg   Phone: 705-441-4085
Beaver Valley Stone Limited
Markham   Phone: 905-886-5787
Belanger Aluminum
Midland   Phone: 705-526-6836
Bellwyck - Horticolor
Boucherville   Phone: 226-668-1890
Belmont Concrete Finishing Co. Limited
Concord   Phone: 905-532-9090
Ben Rier
Tara   Phone: 519-372-9506
Bennett Transport & Excavation
Alliston   Phone: 705-890-2041
Benoit Construction
Richmond Hill   Phone: 647-649-0197
Bercom Construction Ltd
Southampton   Phone: 519-389-7674
Best Way Stone Ltd
Woodbridge   Phone: 416-747-0988
Beton Bolduc Inc
Sainte-Marie   Phone: 800-463-8966
Bidwell Financial Services Inc
Barrie   Phone: 416-906-3398
BIK Boom Trucks
Toronto   Phone: 416-679-3838
Bill & Tom Kempton Construction
Ripley   Phone: 519-525-8433
Bill Gillespie Construction and/or William Gillespie
Amaranth   Phone: 519-938-2939
Bioline Agrosciences
Vineland Station   Phone: 604-404-2699
Birchview Landscaping Ltd
Douro-Dummer   Phone: 705-652-7084
Bisschops Industries
Sudbury   Phone: 705-682-0658
Blade Filters Inc
North York   Phone: 416-701-0201
Blue Flame Gas
Sault Ste Marie   Phone: 705-949-6598
Blythedale Sand & Gravel
Embro   Phone: 519-475-4502
BM Welding and/or Robert Murphy
Minesing   Phone: 705-796-6873
BMG Glass & Aluminum Inc
Barrie   Phone: 705-735-2344
BMS Construction Services Inc
Waterloo   Phone: 519-244-7144
BND Enterprise
Caledonia   Phone: 905-981-8320
Bobcat Company
West Fargo   Phone: 701-280-7887
Bobcat of Brantford
Brantford   Phone: 519-752-7900
Bobcat of Durham East Ltd.
Courtice   Phone: 905-404-9990
Bobcat of Hamilton Ltd
Stoney Creek   Phone: 905-643-3177
Bobcat of Tri Cities Ltd
Kitchener   Phone: 519-579-9100
Bokkers Excavating Ltd
Stratford   Phone: 519-301-2502
Bolton GM
Bolton   Phone: 905-857-3677
Bolts Plus Inc
Bolton   Phone: 905-857-4492
Bosman Home Front
Palmerston   Phone: 519-343-3456
Boss Dust Control
Tiny   Phone: 705-687-2629
Boss Snowplow
Iron Mountain   Phone: 906-776-3634
Boundless Printing
St.Catharines   Phone: 833-438-7942
Bouwman Contracting Ltd
Burlington   Phone: 905-577-3700
BRAC Builders Ltd
King City   Phone: 707-644-0269
Brad Davis Constructive Trades
Verner   Phone: 705-207-1820
Bradford Rental Sales & Service Ltd
Bradford   Phone: 905-775-7101
Brampton Brick Limited
Brampton   Phone: 905-840-1011
Brandelle Industries
Guelph   Phone: 905-691-7804
Brandon Paulino o/a BVP Contracting Ltd
Pefferlaw   Phone: 647-545-8005
Brandt Tractor Ltd
Milton   Phone: 905-693-0771
Brantam Excavating Inc
Mt. Brydges   Phone: 519-521-3929
Brantford Shoots Auto Inc
Brantford   Phone: 519-751-2171
Brawnroofing and/or Shawn Randall Hussey
Stayner   Phone: 705-309-7663
Braydall Investments Limited
Stouffville   Phone: 905-642-2937
Bredin Brothers Construction Inc and/or Emerson Bredin
Utterson   Phone: 519-774-0135
Brian's Automotive
Fenwick   Phone: 905-658-9905
Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group, Llc
Munnsville   Phone: 705-327-1054
Briscoe Plumbing Services
Hanmer   Phone: 705-858-1100
Britespan Building Systems of Ontario
Wingham   Phone: 519-912-1001
BRL Painting Ltd
Sudbury   Phone: 705-691-1772
Brokerlink Inc
Stittsville   Phone: 613-836-2473
Brooklin Concrete Products Corp.
Brooklin   Phone: 905-655-3311
Brouwer Kesmac Inc
Keswick   Phone: 905-476-6222
Brouwer Sod Farms Ltd
Keswick   Phone: 416-291-2323
Brouwer Wood Inc
Keswick   Phone: 905-476-3422
Brown's Concrete Products Limited
Lambton Shores   Phone: 705-690-7496
Brustone Const Inc
Grand Valley   Phone: 519-292-1437
Bryan's Farm & Industrial Supply Ltd
Puslinch   Phone: 519-837-0710
Buckhorn Sand & Gravel
Buckhorn   Phone: 705-657-9311
Budds Chevrolet & Cadillac Buick
Oakville   Phone: 289-291-2504
Budget Environmental Disposal Inc
Hamilton   Phone: 905-312-4718
Bull Powertrain
Sudbury   Phone: 705-560-2855
Burlington Garden Supplies
Waterdown   Phone: 905-689-5527
Burrr Heating & Air and/or Daniel Burlington
Oro-Medonte   Phone: 705-717-1468
C White Construction Inc
Minesing   Phone: 705-718-2386
C&A Steel
Sudbury   Phone: 705-561-7844
C&M Custom Granite Countertops
Sudbury   Phone: 705-690-4546
C&R Roofing (2012) (1876317 ON Ltd)
Sudbury   Phone: 705-560-5279
C.Forget Renovating
Midland   Phone: 705-526-2347
C4 Packaging
Barrie   Phone: 437-333-8628
Calco Soils
Moose Creek   Phone: 613-538-2885
Caledonia Building Supplies O/A Ontario Concrete Paving Ltd
Caledonia   Phone: 905-541-1788
Calibrex Developments
Newmarket   Phone: 905-716-6569
Call of the Wild Inc
Utterson   Phone: 705-646-5756
Campbell's Contracting
Sault Ste Marie   Phone: 705-542-3180
Can-Mech Agencies Ltd
Carp   Phone: 613-831-3724
Can-tario Brick & Stone
Woodstock   Phone: 519-537-6645
Canada Bolt Inc
Orangeville   Phone: 519-217-0512
Canada Clean Diesel Specialists
Midland   Phone: 705-937-0655
Canadecks Inc
Caledon East   Phone: 905-757-6377
Canadian Soils Reclamation Inc
Cambridge   Phone: 519-223-1199
Canadian Storage Systems International
Barrie   Phone: 705-816-1668
CANAM Roofing Ltd
Oro-Medonte   Phone: 705-727-6000
Cancian Construction Ltd
Bolton   Phone: 905-857-0714
Canlift Equipment Ltd
Burlington   Phone: 905-338-5438
Canlok Stone Inc
Nepean   Phone: 613-828-7686
Cann-Paint and/or Reuben Cannard
Minesing   Phone: 705-795-4587
Capital Contracting O/A Richard Skinner
Clarksburg   Phone: 705-446-4668
Capital Sewer Services (Capital Utilities)
Hamilton   Phone: 289-339-1366
Captain Electric Inc
Pickering   Phone: 905-683-4195
Cardinal Distribution Inc
Angiers   Phone: 705-303-4420
Careys Asphalt Paving (925592 Ontario Inc)
Cambridge   Phone: 905-659-7036
Caro Developments Inc (896975539)
Windsor   Phone: 519-567-4599
Carr Aggregates Inc
Barrie   Phone: 705-726-3253
Carr Excavating Ltd
Utopia   Phone: 705-726-3253
Carriere & Poirier Equipment Ltd
Alfred   Phone: 613-679-1103
Carroll Contracting and/or Davis Carroll
Hamilton   Phone: 289-776-5041
Case IH Dealers (Brantford)
Brantford   Phone: 519-750-1179
Castle Plumbing & Heating (Sudbury) Ltd
Sudbury   Phone: 705-671-8014
Caswell Trucking Ltd and/or Dennis Caswell
Durham   Phone: 519-369-7043
Catalina Construction and Landscaping Corp
Stoney Creek   Phone: 905-643-3308
Cavanagh Construction Inc and/or Wendy LaFrenere
St. Charles   Phone: 905-955-4744
Cavanagh Haulage Inc
Ennismore   Phone: 705-741-6501
CB Landscaping and/or Connor Bowles
Palgrave   Phone: 416-931-3358
CCH Excavating Ltd
Port McNicoll   Phone: 705-526-9000
CD Solutions and/or Clinton Duggan
Collingwood   Phone: 705-737-6076
CE Aerial Lift Service Inc
Etobicoke   Phone: 416-747-7878
CEC Mechanical Ltd
Woodbridge   Phone: 905-266-1500
CEC Services Limited (Aurora)
King City   Phone: 905-713-3711
Centis Tile & Terrazzo Inc
Sudbury   Phone: 705-561-2668
Central Painting Inc
Barrie   Phone: 705-721-2421
Central Precast Inc
Nepean   Phone: 613-225-9510
Certified Equipment Sales Services & Rental Ltd
Etobicoke   Phone: 416-747-7878
Chad Kelly Construction, Inc.
Ottawa   Phone: 613-978-3682
Chalmers Snow Removal and/or Gary Chalmers
Minesing   Phone: 705-627-6021
Channell's Service Centres Inc.
Wellington   Phone: 613-399-3386
Chas L. Dale & Sons Limited
Belmont   Phone: 519-644-0670
Chatsworth Excavating and/or Iain Hayden and/or Michelle Hayden
Azilda   Phone: 705-869-9226
CHEB Management Services Inc
Spanish   Phone: 705-688-2845
Checkley Concrete Ltd and/or James Checkley
Arthur   Phone: 519-831-6575
Chris Hartjes Construction
Coldwater   Phone: 705-329-8833
Christopher Maciejko
Kincardine   Phone: 226-228-0255
Ciamp Services and/or Taylor Ciampichini or Shelby Elstone
Clarksburg   Phone: 519-330-4573
City Buick Pontiac Cadillac Ltd
Scarborough   Phone: 416-751-5920
CJ Aluminum Inc
Paris   Phone: 519-442-5022
Clayton Construction and/or Andy Clayton
Algonquin Highlands   Phone: 647-885-4896
Clean Soils Services
Etobicoke   Phone: 416-231-4333
Clearview Auto Centre Inc and/or Douglas Caldwell
New Lowell   Phone: 705-790-3521
Clearview Excavators Inc
Beeton   Phone: 705-717-2789
Cliffshore Excavating
Port Hope   Phone: 905-753-1112
CMB Excavation & Grading Ltd and/or Christian Birker
Stouffville   Phone: 647-580-8565
CMI Services
Burlington   Phone: 905-332-2320
CMT Engineering Inc
St Clements   Phone: 519-699-5775
CNW Landscaping and/or Dean Watson
Ripley   Phone: 519-525-2310
Cobble Design Inc
Zurich   Phone: 519-236-7373
Cohen and Cohen Natural Stone
Ottawa   Phone: 613-225-9111
Coldwater Plumbing
Coldwater   Phone: 705-205-6641
Coleman Equipment Inc
New Dundee   Phone: 519-696-2213
Colin's Haulage Inc
Hanmer   Phone: 705-688-6973
Coloured Aggregates Incorporated
Aurora   Phone: 905-727-7100
Colvoy Equipment
Brantford   Phone: 519-449-5858
Comfort Contracting Inc
Collingwood   Phone: 705-790-7010
Commander Industries
Strathroy   Phone: 416-402-3084
Compass Creative Studio Inc
Grimsby   Phone: 289-656-1444
Complete Rent-Alls Orillia Inc
Orillia   Phone: 705-325-6341
Concord Carriers Inc
Tottenham   Phone: 905-936-6139
ConCour Farms
Elmvale   Phone: 705-543-0299
Conestoga Badger Inc
Cambridge   Phone: 519-223-1199
Construct & Conserve
Alliston   Phone: 905-370-0205
Construction Workplace Safety Training Limited
Barrie   Phone: 705-812-1656
Consulting By Hart
Gravenhurst   Phone: 705-706-1425
Cooper Equipment Rentals
Toronto   Phone: 416-744-5000
Cormidi USA
Norwalk   Phone: 203-846-6120
CORSI Lighting & Design
Barrie   Phone: 705-828-3877
Coulson Bros Scow Service
Milford Bay   Phone: 705-764-1672
Countertops By Design Barrie Inc
Barrie   Phone: 705-727-7900
Cox Construction Ltd.
Guelph   Phone: 519-824-6570
Crossroads Equipment
Jerseyville   Phone: 905-648-8001
Crown Industrial Roofing
Weston   Phone: 416-744-7788
Custom Concrete Concepts Inc
Puslinch   Phone: 519-242-5407
CZ Contracting and/or Calvin Zehr and/or Greg Zehr
Waterloo   Phone: 519-572-5121
D & D Painters Limited
Etobicoke   Phone: 416-675-7000
D & J Paton Bros Ltd
London   Phone: 519-266-6943
D Giust Trucking Ltd
Greely   Phone: 613-821-5552
D. Crupi & Sons a/o Halton Crushed Stone
Toronto   Phone: 416-291-1986
D.L. MacDonald Construction Ltd
Cornwall   Phone: 613-932-3173
D.W. Kearns Contracting Inc
Oro Medonte   Phone: 705-333-2337
Dakota Run
Mississauga   Phone: 416-931-4987
Dal Hastings Haulage & Excavating Inc
Cambridge   Phone: 519-621-3839
Dale Baranieski Well Drilling Ltd
Stouffville   Phone: 905-895-7342
Dale Bonnis o/a Bonnis Builders
Coniston   Phone: 705-561-9264
Dalrymple Dock & Leisure Inc
Sebright   Phone: 705-330-9925
Dan Figliola operating as Security Fence
Acton   Phone: 905-693-1563
Danosh Construction
Mount Albert   Phone: 905-473-6883
Daro Vinyl Products
Val Caron   Phone: 705-897-8914
David S Ross Pump Service Ltd.
Springfield   Phone: 519-808-1655
Davidson's Sport & Lawn
Norwich   Phone: 519-468-6312
Davin Grose Excavating
Collingwood   Phone: 519-501-1875
DC United Roofing & Siding
Barrie   Phone: 705-220-5402
Deboer's Farm Equipment Ltd
Elora   Phone: 519-846-5388
Deck Masters Of Canada
Beeton   Phone: 416-881-3325
Deckers Tire
Amaranth   Phone: 519-928-5318
DeKlerk Construction Ltd
Grimsby   Phone: 905-327-5271
Delta Power Equipment
Mitchell   Phone: 519-235-2121
Demand Air Systems LTD
Woodbridge   Phone: 416-746-2005
Denco Storage Sheds Inc
Moorefield   Phone: 519-504-5200
Denis Gratton Construction Ltd
Chelmsford   Phone: 705-855-3980
Depcon Contracting Ltd
Caledon   Phone: 416-806-4769
Derco Horticulture Inc
St-Germain-de-Grantham   Phone: 819-395-4559
DFK Equipment Sales Inc
St. Mary's   Phone: 519-349-2080
Dibbits Excavating Ltd
Trenton   Phone: 613-394-3478
DiBella Construction Ltd
Barrie   Phone: 705-725-1200
Dimension Homes Inc
Oro Medonte   Phone: 705-734-6088
Dirt Cheap Inc
Kitchener   Phone: 519-574-3988
DLF Canada Inc
Lindsay   Phone: 800-661-4769
DLR Builds & Designs Inc
Lively   Phone: 705-923-6563
DN Grading Inc
Alliston   Phone: 705-623-3351
Dolce Vita Investment Group Inc
Blenheim   Phone: 519-380-5576
Domax Construction Equipment
Woodbridge   Phone: 416-744-2674
Dome Shelter Systems div of Western Tarpaulin & Co
Toronto   Phone: 416-614-9167
Don Barron
Hanover   Phone: 519-292-6336
Don Chapman Farms Ltd
Queensville   Phone: 905-955-2238
Donegan's Haulage (2010) Ltd
Listowel   Phone: 519-291-4530
Doug Lennan Millwrights
Tiverton   Phone: 519-708-0317
Doug's Snowplowing & Sanding Ltd
London   Phone: 519-451-4349
DR Contracting and/or Dan Robertson
Melancthon   Phone: 519-868-0779
Drain-Tite Industries Inc
Vaughan   Phone: 905-761-5357
Driest Wood Shavings Inc
Nobleton   Phone: 416-524-6452
Toronto   Phone: 416-439-4994
Drumax Construction
Barrie   Phone: 705-721-0492
Dryden Excavation Inc
Campbelville   Phone: 905-973-4912
DSK Consulting Services Inc
Whitby   Phone: 647-294-0504
DTM Contracting Services Inc and/or Taylor Smith and/or Dylan Smith
Parry Sound   Phone: 647-967-1848
Ducon Utilities
Burlington   Phone: 905-634-2235
Duench Custom Woodworking & Maintenance
Saint Jacobs   Phone: 519-574-0787
Dufferin Aggregates
Concord   Phone: 416-805-1741
Duivenvoorden Haulage Limited
Innisfil   Phone: 705-436-4999
Duke Distribution - A Div of GC Duke Equipment Ltd
Burlington   Phone: 905-637-5216
Dunn Capital Corporation and/or Connor Jonathan Dunn
Collingwood   Phone: 705-888-6563
Durham Artificial Grass
Enniskillen   Phone: 905-263-4977
Durham Truck & Equipment Sales & Service
Ajax   Phone: 905-426-6225
DVC Plumbing Inc
Rockwood   Phone: 905-864-5742
DYNA Metro Inc. - Dynamatrix
Concord   Phone: 905-761-3309
Dynamic Blds. Inc.
Drayton   Phone: 519-504-1372
DynaSCAPE Software
Oakville   Phone: 905-639-9668
E C Carruthers & Sons Utility Construction
Cryseler   Phone: 613-448-1244
E&R Jewell Contracting Ltd
Falconbridge   Phone: 705-662-8086
Earl Ferguson Construction Inc
Port Carling   Phone: 705-765-5319
Earth Electric Limited
Severn   Phone: 705-733-5510
Eastern Farm Machinery Ltd
Puslinch   Phone: 519-763-2400
Ebel Quarries
Wiarton   Phone: 519-534-0380
Echo Power Equipment (Canada)
London   Phone: 519-685-7011
Eco-Power Electric and/or George Boutsalis
Richmond Hill   Phone: 416-803-0890
Ecowater North
Val Caron   Phone: 705-897-4443
Ed Seguin & Sons Trucking & Paving Ltd
Sturgeon Falls   Phone: 705-753-4252
Ed's Concrete Products Ltd
Stratford   Phone: 519-271-6590
Edil Steel Mfg
EIO Solutions
Vaughan   Phone: 416-748-9879
Eisses Brothers Excavating
Innisfil   Phone: 705-722-6488
Electra Power Solutions Ltd and/or Steven Hatten-French
Minesing   Phone: 705-220-4666
Eliet USA Inc
Pittsburgh   Phone: 412-367-5185
Elite Auctions Canada
Tiny   Phone: 705-929-7396
Elite Trucking Alliance
Burlington   Phone: 336-773-1382
Eloquip Ltd
Elora   Phone: 519-846-0914
EN2 Development Corp
Toronto   Phone: 416-949-5229
Endless Summer/First Editions c/o Bailey Nurseries
St. Paul   Phone: 651-459-9744
Ennotville Garage Ltd
Elora   Phone: 519-993-6311
Envir-O-Site Inc
Lambton Shores   Phone: 519-786-5115
Equipment North Inc
Lively   Phone: 705-682-1120
Escapes Outdoor Living Designs Inc O/A Nextra Consulting
Ingersoll   Phone: 519-868-6398
Escarpment Heights Inc
Tobermory   Phone: 519-477-1393
Evron Computer Systems
Markham   Phone: 905-477-0444
Expo Wall Forming Inc.
Bradford   Phone: 905-955-5156
Gravenhurst   Phone: 705-323-3197
F&M DeGroot Refrigeration
Brechin   Phone: 705-330-7110
Fairgreen Sod Farms Ltd
Markham   Phone: 905-640-9090
Federal Asphalt
Wardsville   Phone: 519-671-1760
Fence and Deck Man Inc
Brantford   Phone: 519-209-1874
Springwater   Phone: 705-730-1030
Fernmark Homes
Bradford   Phone: 905-252-6255
Ferrell Builders Supply Ltd
Hamilton   Phone: 905-387-1948
Ferri Painting and/or Cathrine Ferri
Kingston   Phone: 613-453-2752
Festival City Rentals & Adrian Roes
Stratford   Phone: 519-274-0125
Concord   Phone: 905-761-6969
Fibron Insulations Inc
Sudbury   Phone: 705-669-7022
Field Protective Coating Services Inc
London   Phone: 519-860-0404
First Choice Landscaping (Sudbury) Inc
Val Caron   Phone: 705-694-1891
Fisher Bros Trucking
Belmont   Phone: 519-670-1260
Flesherton Concrete Products Inc
Flesherton   Phone: 519-924-2429
Flexcell Automation Inc.
Newmarket   Phone: 807-707-4772
FlightLine Golf Inc
Waterloo   Phone: 519-725-0111
Flow Water Solutions
Caledon   Phone: 416-605-7378
Forbes Sand & Gravel Ltd
Wiarton   Phone: 519-534-5540
Forest Gate Advisors
Vaughan   Phone: 289-553-7009
Mississauga   Phone: 416-433-4858
Fourteen Contracting Inc
Vaughan   Phone: 647-868-5751
Francis Group of Companies/Francis Properties
Ottawa   Phone: 613-744-0974
Fred Hagemans Holdings Ltd
Burlington   Phone: 905-632-1020
Frensch (C) Ltd
Beamsville   Phone: 905-563-4774
Frontier Fencing and Decks Inc
St.George (Brant)   Phone: 519-448-3946
Frosty Snow Plowing
Acton   Phone: 519-853-1347
FX Stone & Paving Ltd
Angus   Phone: 705-333-7283
Fyfe (Allan) Equipment Ltd
Concord   Phone: 905-669-1313
G Group Management Inc
Thornhill   Phone: 905-597-0200
G&L Group
Concord   Phone: 905-669-5104
G. Lefrancois
Sudbury   Phone: 705-688-6344
G. Tackaberry & Sons Construction Company Ltd
Athens   Phone: 613-924-2634
G.O. Tap Plus
Mississauga   Phone: 416-695-4377
G.P. Logging Ltd
Smooth Rock Falls   Phone: 705-338-7065
G.W. Witty Welding Inc
Queensville   Phone: 905-853-8222
Galaxy Floor Sanding Machines Ltd
Toronto   Phone: 416-285-6600
Galer Farm Equipment Ltd
Dundas   Phone: 905-628-0551
Markham   Phone: 905-948-2672
Garson Pipe Contractors Limited
Garson   Phone: 705-693-1242
Garthside Ltd
Penetanguishine   Phone: 705-549-2861
Gavcap Properties Inc and/or Charles Gavsie
Etobicoke   Phone: 416-434-5255
GB Stone Inc.
Caledon   Phone: 905-846-2662
General Motors of Canada Ltd
Oshawa   Phone: 905-644-3627
General Seed Co (2000) Ltd
Alberton   Phone: 905-648-2101
George Haffner Trucking
Elmira   Phone: 519-669-2045
Georgian Bay Forest Products Inc
Parry Sound   Phone: 705-746-8491
Georgian Bay Landing Inc
Honey Harbour   Phone: 705-756-2495
Georgian Bay Outdoors
Collingwood   Phone: 705-445-9000
Georgian Bay Window & Door Ltd/Trent Mollet
Allenford   Phone: 519-934-2690
Georgian Chevrolet
Barrie   Phone: 705-730-1230
Georgina Sod
Mou   Phone: 905-473-7000
Geosynthetic Systems
Ottawa   Phone: 613-733-9585
Gerry's Truck Centre Ltd
London   Phone: 519-652-2100
Gervais Forest Products Ltd and/or Bruno Gervais and/or Tammy Cameron
Falconbridge   Phone: 705-693-5380
Gethke Construction Inc
Mitchell   Phone: 519-272-6956
GForce Custom Fabrication & Installations Inc
St.Clements   Phone: 519-699-4004
Gibson Air
Alliston   Phone: 705-440-3142
Gifford Carr Insurance Group
Kanata   Phone: 613-596-9101
Gillett Haulage & Excav. Ltd
Georgetown   Phone: 905-877-7380
Glavin Coating & Refinishing Ltd
Lucan   Phone: 226-421-2442
Glenn Wright Excavating
Manotick   Phone: 613-822-4159
Stoney Creek   Phone: 866-964-6477
Goldie Mohr Ltd
Ottawa   Phone: 613-838-5042
Gordon Barr Ltd
Kingston   Phone: 613-542-4922
GPS to Go
Ottawa   Phone: 613-695-0444
Grand River Natural Stone Ltd
Elora   Phone: 519-843-2854
Graystone Fill Management Inc
Georgetown   Phone: 905-873-6464
Great Lakes Wood Products Inc
Campbellville   Phone: 905-857-7939
Great North Hardscape/Snapedge Canada Ltd
Cambridge   Phone: 519-745-9996
Greely Sand & Gravel Inc
Greely   Phone: 613-821-3003
Green Response Environmental Inc
Stoney Creek   Phone: 905-643-0882
Green Tractors Inc / GT Golf & Turf and/or William N Boyes
Nobleton   Phone: 905-859-0581
Greenhorizons Sod Farms, Cambridge
Cambridge   Phone: 519-653-7494
Greenhorizons Sod Farms, Hamilton Head Office
Mount Hope   Phone: 905-389-1315
Greenhouse Academy
Thorndale   Phone: 519-777-8938
Greenville Planters
Mississauga   Phone: 905-361-1368
Greenway Turf Inc.
Kemptville   Phone: 613-656-3333
Grey Bruce Sod Supply Ltd
South Bruce Peninsula   Phone: 519-422-2222
Gridconnex Inc
Midland   Phone: 705-816-4266
Grills Concrete Plus
Woodstock   Phone: 548-887-2244
Gro-Bark (Ontario) Ltd. ( All Treat Farms Limited)
Caledon   Phone: 905-466-0077
Grower's Choice
Kitchener   Phone: 866-580-4769
GTS Recycling Inc and/or MotorHome Travel
Hamilton   Phone: 905-599-2300
Guelph Building Supply
Guelph   Phone: 519-780-0400
H&N Basement Worx
Millgrove   Phone: 289-880-7988
H. Bye Construction
Mount Forest   Phone: 519-323-1520
H2O Control Products Inc
Sudbury   Phone: 705-522-5300
Haffys Sales and Service
Alliston   Phone: 705-440-7723
Hahn Farms 1998 Ltd
Stratford   Phone: 519-272-1916
Haldimand Commercial Maintenance
Cayuga   Phone: 289-370-0102
Haliburton Septic Pumping
Eagle Lake   Phone: 705-457-6895
Halpenny Insurance Brokers Ltd
Ottawa   Phone: 613-722-7626
Halton Autolease Inc
Burlington   Phone: 905-681-2200
Halton Crushed Stone
Toronto   Phone: 416-291-1986
Hamilton Construction Ltd
Collingwood   Phone: 705-445-3220
Hanlon Group and/or Tyler Hanlon and/or Benjamin Hanlon
Aurora   Phone: 905-506-5067
Hard-Co Sand and Gravel
Whitby   Phone: 905-655-9954
Harkness Equipment Ltd
Harriston   Phone: 519-338-3946
Harper Turf Equipment
Harper   Phone: 620-896-7381
Harrison Plumbing and HVAC Inc. and/or Ethan Harrison
Orillia   Phone: 705-619-1313
Haulland Trucking Inc
Branchton   Phone: 905-981-7428
Hawley Contracting and/or John Hawley
Schomberg   Phone: 416-629-1332
Haycor Solutions and/or Jason Wachtel
Concord   Phone: 416-949-2737
Hayes Construction Inc and/or William Hayes
Waterloo   Phone: 519-590-3810
Hayter Mining and/or Darrell Hayter
Plympton-Wyoming   Phone: 705-288-1856
HBW Services and/or H Brad Wright
Wiarton   Phone: 519-387-0194
Headwaters Windows and Doors
Orangeville   Phone: 519-938-8700
Heathroi Inc and/or Lorne Gavsie
Etobicoke   Phone: 416-456-6435
Heights of Moonstone
Moonstone   Phone: 705-733-5313
Heming Ltd
Cavan Monaghan   Phone: 705-742-6249
Heritage Concrete Pumping Inc (2749699 ON Inc)
Thornhill   Phone: 416-902-0229
Hickory Dickory Decks Caledon
Belwood   Phone: 905-757-1914
Hickory Dickory Decks Halton Hills/Brampton
Acton   Phone: 905-874-8121
Hickory Dickory Decks- Bracebridge/Gravenhurst
Gravenhurst   Phone: 289-925-8853
Higgs & Higgs Inc
Sparta   Phone: 519-872-6763
High Level Construction Ltd
Severn   Phone: 705-325-8001
High Tech Communications and/or Colleen Barton and/or Duane Barton and/or Amanda Barton
Aurora   Phone: 905-853-2335
Highland Evergreen Supply Ltd.
Mississauga   Phone: 905-670-7125
Highland Stone Fine Masonry Inc
Fenwick   Phone: 289-684-4375
Hillside City Construction
Ancaster   Phone: 289-430-5180
Hindsite Software LLC
Saint Paul   Phone: 320-221-4030
Hino Motors Canada Ltd
Mississauga   Phone: 905-670-3352
Hirenown Canada
Scarborough   Phone: 647-865-8982
Hixon Building Supply INC
Stratford   Phone: 519-503-7798
Hofmann Plastics
Orangeville   Phone: 647-643-6335
Hold Fast Construction
Tiny   Phone: 705-730-4307
Honeywell Works Inc
Osgoode   Phone: 613-821-9500
Horst Welding
Elmira   Phone: 519-669-9488
Horta-Craft Limited
Strathroy   Phone: 519-245-8441
Hot Shots Mobile Wash
Waterloo   Phone: 519-590-2043
Houle Well Drilling Limited
Noelville   Phone: 705-898-2590
Howes Commercial Contracting and/or Kristopher Howes and/or James Visser and/or Scott Croxall
Oakville   Phone: 226-220-4423
HUB Sinclair Cockburn International
Markham   Phone: 905-948-0700
Huber Motorsports Inc
Breslau (Maryhill)   Phone: 519-574-0036
Humberview Trucks
Toronto   Phone: 416-233-9262
Hunter Industries Inc
Ennismore   Phone: 760-744-5240
Huron Tractor
Thamesford   Phone: 519-285-3845
Huron-Perth Mobile Rust Control
Wingham   Phone: 519-492-0994
Hyde Park Equipment Ltd O/A Larry Annaert
London   Phone: 519-471-1400
Uxbridge   Phone: 705-304-1119
Hymask Roofing Ltd
Thornton   Phone: 705-792-5000
I. Eldoa
St.Clements   Phone: 519-748-8194
I. M. Benjamins Inc. O/A Hardscape Concrete & Interlock
Cambridge   Phone: 519-620-9596
IDC Home Inc
Oakville   Phone: 647-629-6025
Igne Ferro
Toronto   Phone: 416-587-7801
Ike Vanderwoude Landscape Supply Ltd
Jerseyville   Phone: 905-529-9714
Ikonik Inc
Guelph   Phone: 866-819-6308
Imagine Pools (Poolcorp/SCP Dist)
Woodbridge   Phone: 905-850-5161
Impact Winter Maintenance Inc and/or Stroco Holdings Inc
West Montrose   Phone: 519-778-4634
Impressions Group Ottawa Inc.
Kanata   Phone: 613-234-7273
In-Lite Design Corporation
London   Phone: 519-425-0024
Industrial Floor Systems/David Graham
Barrie   Phone: 705-721-2421
Innlands Snow Removal
Caledon East   Phone: 416-420-0019
Innovative Planning Solutions O/A 1657989
Barrie   Phone: 705-812-3281
Innovative Surface Solutions
Ajax   Phone: 905-427-0318
Interline Wholesale Hardware Distributors North Ltd
Vaughan   Phone: 905-669-1440
Intrigue Media Solutions Inc
Guelph   Phone: 519-265-4933
IPS - International Power Systems
Oakville   Phone: 905-829-2140
Isuzu Commercial Trucks of Canada
Mississauga   Phone: 613-601-0853
Ives Insurance Brokers Ltd
Essex   Phone: 519-776-7371
J and J Robert Trucking
Chelmsford   Phone: 705-207-8827
J R Marine Construction
Mount Albert   Phone: 905-473-7000
J&R Hall Transport and/or Dylan Hall
Ayr   Phone: 519-588-9529
J&S Performance & Distribution Ltd
Niagara on the Lake   Phone: 905-468-9735
J. Jenkins and Son Soil Mixtures
Gormley   Phone: 416-783-6137
J.H. Carr Holding and/or Joseph Carr and/or Jacob Carr
Wasaga Beach   Phone: 705-441-2065
J.R. Drilling (8827958 Canada Inc)
Shawville   Phone: 819-647-5184
Jace Mechanical Ltd
Barrie   Phone: 705-795-6451
Jade Equipment
Oro-Medonte   Phone: 705-325-2777
James Hunter Equipment
Gravenhurst   Phone: 705-790-6142
James Morning & Sons
Kettleby   Phone: 905-727-9097
James T Brown Excavating and Contractor Ltd
Caledon   Phone: 905-880-1524
Jamieson and Son Roofing Ltd
Melancthon   Phone: 519-939-3824
Jansen Electric Inc
Smithville   Phone: 905-348-4907
Jay Fencing Ltd
Waterloo   Phone: 519-747-3970
JB & D Company
Stouffville   Phone: 905-841-2730
JC Rock Ltd
Severn   Phone: 705-326-4000
Pooler   Phone: 912-447-2000
JCT Contracting
Sudbury   Phone: 705-675-6112
JDL Custom Exteriors Inc
Oro Station   Phone: 705-331-6908
Jean's Home Hardware
Noelville   Phone: 705-898-2234
Jeff MacAulay J. Roc Ltd
Dundas   Phone: 905-520-6290
Jeffrey Custom Masonry Ltd
Stratford   Phone: 519-271-0631
Jeremy Cubit
Stayner   Phone: 705-790-7852
Jerry's Plumbing and/or Jerry D Millar
Severn   Phone: 705-444-3428
Jesse Kirby O/A Kirby's Contracting
Woodstock   Phone: 905-932-1488
Jetwerx Canada Inc and/or Justin Thompson
Brigden   Phone: 850-625-9103
JH Mining & Excavation and/or Jamie Hajgato
Woodstock   Phone: 519-577-3514
JI Enterprises
Blind River   Phone: 705-356-7568
Jim Pattison Lease
Mississauga   Phone: 866-616-4448
JKG Contracting Services and/or Joseph Gibson
Hamilton   Phone: 905-317-1695
Joanis Wood Services and/or David Joanis
Cochrane   Phone: 705-262-9080
Joe Legge & Sons Drilling
Bancroft   Phone: 613-339-9254
Joe Reinhardt Construction
Wingham   Phone: 519-357-6449
John Anthony Wigle (301379087)
Oro-Medonte   Phone: 705-321-1209
John Bates Roofing / John Bates
Owen Sound   Phone: 519-371-2225
John Deere Canada ULC
Grimsby   Phone: 905-945-7852
John Fumerton Services
Alliston   Phone: 705-435-8105
John Gerard Homes
Manotick   Phone: 613-720-0733
John Shamas Holdings Inc (2459346 Ontario Inc)
Blind River   Phone: 705-849-6073
John Vanderwoude Sod Farms Ltd
Mount Hope   Phone: 905-521-1567
Johns Equipment Sales and Service
Frankford   Phone: 613-398-6522
Johnston Fence Contracting Inc
Ramara   Phone: 705-325-9284
Jon Curtis
Campbellford   Phone: 705-653-1310
Jones Custom Framing Ltd
Coldwater   Phone: 705-329-7015
Joseph Wagler Homes Inc
Listowel   Phone: 519-503-6017
Josh Kosciuszko GC & Restoration
Holland Landing   Phone: 905-716-6575
JPB Stone Ltd
Markdale   Phone: 226-668-3360
Jungle Gyms Canada Inc
Huntsville   Phone: 705-788-5992
JVK Jack Van Klaveren Ltd
St. Catharines   Phone: 905-641-5599
K Kitchen Contracting 2495053 ON Inc
Aurora   Phone: 416-993-4597
K&B Excavating
Blind River   Phone: 705-261-0759
K-Nick's Custom Carpentry
Millbank   Phone: 519-635-0524
K.P Carriers Inc
Creemore   Phone: 705-434-8316
Kärcher Municipal North America
Embrun   Phone: 613-443-3200
Kaven Construction & Renovation's Inc. AND/Or Kyle Alexander Venne
Georgetown   Phone: 289-795-2380
Kawartha Custom Cut Stone
Richmond Hill   Phone: 905-201-8770
Kawartha Utility Sevices Ltd
Lakefield   Phone: 705-654-4000
Keen Equipment Repair
Barrie   Phone: 647-961-3862
Kelly Lake Building Supplies
Sudbury   Phone: 705-674-5283
Ken White Construction Ltd
Ottawa   Phone: 613-839-5460
Kevin Simkins O/A KC Carpentry
Nottawa   Phone: 705-443-7229
Keystone Granite Quarry
Huntsville   Phone: 705-783-5532
Killaloe Wood Products
Killaloe   Phone: 613-757-2157
King Koating Holdings Inc
Concord   Phone: 416-970-3437
Kioti Tractor
Wendell   Phone: 514-210-7703
Kirei Consulting Corp
Nepean   Phone: 613-889-3474
Kissner Milling Company Limited
Kitchener   Phone: 519-279-4860
Knell's Industrial
Kitchener   Phone: 519-578-1001
Knights' Pro Rental
Meaford   Phone: 519-538-2001
Knoop Enterprises 2281796 Ontario Inc
Lucknow   Phone: 519-955-4582
Kobylski Construction and/or Kamil Kobylski
Toronto   Phone: 647-233-1958
Kontek Ecology Systems Inc
Burlington   Phone: 905-332-8366
Kooy Brothers Lawn Equipment Ltd
Toronto   Phone: 416-242-3513
Korzite Coatings Inc
Guelph   Phone: 416-953-7600
Nepean   Phone: 613-838-2775
Kreekside Construction Group Inc
Caledonia   Phone: 289-659-9224
Kreitmaker Inc
Toronto   Phone: 416--423-9090
Kubota Canada Ltd
Pickering   Phone: 905-294-7477
L&R Shelters Inc
Dundas   Phone: 905-627-1101
L. Pigeau Electric Inc
Hanmer   Phone: 705-969-4004
Lacroix Haulage
Sudbury   Phone: 705-566-1294
Ladcon and/or Lance Perrault
Tiny   Phone: 705-623-3551
Lakeridge Developments (Muskoka) Ltd
Port Carling   Phone: 705-765-5253
Lakeshore Stoneworks
Belle River   Phone: 226-347-6925
Landmark Structures Co
Burlington   Phone: 905-233-2619
Landsource Organix Ltd
Milton   Phone: 877-548-8558
Lane's Landscaping Supplies
Mississauga   Phone: 905-279-1945
Langman Enterprise Ltd
New Lowell   Phone: 705-794-5904
Laughlin Pool Services
Kinburn   Phone: 613-832-3893
Lavallee Holdings
Wilmot   Phone: 519-748-8939
Lawrence Construction CO. Ltd
Don Mills   Phone: 416-917-0054
Lawson Contracting and/or Jacob Lawson
The Blue Mountains   Phone: 416-938-7411
Lechuza Canada Inc
Mississauga   Phone: 905-696-7529
Lee Plumbing Inc
Utterson   Phone: 705-706-1301
Legends Landscape Supply Inc
Burlington   Phone: 905-336-3369
Leggat Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC
Burlington   Phone: 905-333-3700
Lemcke Construction Ltd
Melancthon   Phone: 519-942-7777
Leo Mailloux Enterprises Inc.
Stoney Point   Phone: 519-798-3110
Leon Saulnier
Tiny   Phone: 705-527-9534
Leona Stone & Building Supply Ltd
Gormley   Phone: 905-773-4251
Lepp Brothers Construction Group
St. Catherines   Phone: 905-401-8881
Les Entreprises Loranger
Earlton   Phone: 705-647-2731
Leslie Emergency Vehicles
Milton   Phone: 905-878-8457
Lewis Motor Sales Inc.
Barrie   Phone: 705-728-3026
LID Permeable Paving
Toronto   Phone: 416-409-8894
Lightning Equipment Sales Inc.
Burlington   Phone: 905-332-7026
Lincoln Homes and/or Tyler Ruge
Listowel   Phone: 519-573-1369
Linde Truck and Trailer
St. Anns   Phone: 905-658-4419
Markham   Phone: 905-508-8329
Loadstar Trailers Inc
Port Hope   Phone: 905-885-0744
Lock-Block Ontario Ltd
Toronto   Phone: 905-699-1735
Lockhart Automotive Inc.
Toronto   Phone: 416-410-4938
Lockwood Brothers Construction
Oxford Station   Phone: 613-258-4225
London Soil Test Ltd
Dundalk   Phone: 519-494-5454
Lou Dennis Equipment / Muskoka Auto Parts Ltd
Huntsville   Phone: 705-789-4453
Loveland's Landscaping
Markham   Phone: 416-291-9340
Lowry Metals Inc
Kimberley   Phone: 613-339-1293
M-K Power Products Corp
Mississauga   Phone: 905-890-5323
M.K. Rittenhouse & Sons Ltd
St. Catharines   Phone: 905-684-8122
M8 Equipment Inc
Woodbridge   Phone: 905-850-3333
Oro-Medonte   Phone: 705-828-2708
Maacon Construction Corporation
Penetanguishene   Phone: 705-549-1066
MacFarlane Construction
Southriver   Phone: 705-493-0448
Mackenzie's Masonry
Mississauga   Phone: 416-993-8912
MADA Holdings Inc
Tottenham   Phone: 905-936-9412
Mahogany Int
Parry Sound   Phone: 705-746-7328
Branchton   Phone: 519-861-2054
Maitland Construction
Woodstock   Phone: 519-535-1091
Maki Construction
Sudbury   Phone: 705-988-2374
Makita Canada Inc
Whitby   Phone: 905-571-2200
Manderley Turf Products Inc Head Office
Ottawa   Phone: 613-225-7500
Manns General Contracting
Seagrave   Phone: 905-985-9962
Mantor Landscape Limited
Toronto   Phone: 416-614-0599
Manulift EMI Ltee
Varennes   Phone: 450-652-5550
Maple Leaf Mulch Ltd
Uxbridge   Phone: 905-852-4335
Mar-Co Clay & Stone
Bright   Phone: 519-684-7591
Maramel Homes
Toronto   Phone: 416-243-9019
Markham Mower Ltd.
Markham   Phone: 905-294-2644
Marnoch Facilities Maintenance and/or John Chornobaj
Barrie   Phone: 705-718-5750
Marsh Canada Limited
Toronto   Phone: 416-349-3060
Martek Supply
Burlington   Phone: 905-333-5670
Martin Excavating Ltd
Hawkesville   Phone: 519-699-4400
Martin's Small Engines Ltd.
Elmira   Phone: 519-669-2884
Marty Kennedy O/A Marken Transport
Erin   Phone: 905-867-0921
Mason Homes
Stouffville   Phone: 905-640-6777
Mason's Masonry Supply Ltd
Mississauga   Phone: 905-670-1233
Masonric Construction Inc and/or Rick Marchesan
Woodbridge   Phone: 416-985-5778
Match Grade
Egbert   Phone: 705-828-1630
Matcrete Contracting Inc
Walkerton   Phone: 519-889-1509
Maurice Yelle Excavation Ltd
Ottawa   Phone: 613-746-0514
Maxxim Motorsports
Oakville   Phone: 416-686-5991
McCann Brothers Concrete Inc
Gore Bay   Phone: 705-282-7676
McCleary Carpentry
Glencairn   Phone: 705-791-8327
McCoy's Decorating
Bracebridge   Phone: 705-646-3335
McDonald Brothers Construction Inc
Ottawa   Phone: 613-831-6223
McGill Equipment
Scarborough   Phone: 416-751-4455
McLaren Equipment Ltd
Phelpston   Phone: 705-734-2424
McLeod Custom Painting & Stain and/or Russel McLeod
Mount Hope   Phone: 905-679-3472
MCN Contracting Limited
Garson   Phone: 705-662-0379
McNally Excavating Ltd
Inwood   Phone: 519-383-9373
MD Contracting and/or Matthew Doelman
Etobicoke   Phone: 416-587-9150
MDM Enterprise
Barrie   Phone: 905-999-1102
Meinen Custom Homes
Mitchell   Phone: 519-801-0067
Melrose Paving Co. Ltd
Mississauga   Phone: 905-270-8383
Metal Pless Inc.
Plessisville   Phone: 819-362-2221
Metro Concrete Works (2016) Inc
Concord   Phone: 905-761-7822
Metro Rent-All
Scarborough   Phone: 416-291-2521
MHK Builders
Swastika   Phone: 705-570-2995
Michael De Jong Homes Inc
Burlington   Phone: 905-332-6711
Michael Wilhelm Excavating Ltd
Stratford   Phone: 519-273-3413
Michelle's Topsoil (1450967 ON Ltd)
Stayner   Phone: 705-444-4845
Mid City Motorsports
Garson   Phone: 705-560-3300
Midhurst Granite
Midhurst   Phone: 705-796-6633
Mike Varey & Son Excavating (2181825 Ontario Inc)
Little Current, Manitoulin Island   Phone: 705-368-1799
MillBay Carpentry
Waterdown   Phone: 905-465-5237
Miller Compost
Markham   Phone: 905-773-9876
Millgrove & Burlington Garden Supplies
Waterdown   Phone: 905-689-5527
Milton Truck Equippers
Rockwood   Phone: 519-766-3111
Mini Digger Service & Rentals Ltd
Ridgeville   Phone: 905-351-9090
Miska Trailers
Hamilton   Phone: 905-689-6818
MJL Woodworks Inc
Burlington   Phone: 905-518-2265
MKD Concrete Ltd
Kincardine   Phone: 519-525-2361
MNT Consulting Group Inc
Barrie   Phone: 705-427-0711
MODCON Construction Inc
Brampton   Phone: 289-221-1131
Modern Trends
Norwich   Phone: 519-468-3050
Molinaro Group o/a Matterhorn Construction Limited
Burlington   Phone: 905-512-4483
Monument Geomatics and Estimating Inc O/A Joshua Doxtator
Consecon   Phone: 613-243-6778
Moonstone Mechanical Inc
Oro Medonte   Phone: 705-733-7914
Mooredale Contracting
Burlington   Phone: 416-509-9797
Morewood Sand & Gravel
Russell   Phone: 613-223-1939
Mountsberg Excavating Inc
Dundas   Phone: 905-627-1301
MQuip Group Inc
Burlington   Phone: 905-315-1955
Mr. Bin Inc.
Toronto   Phone: 416-890-0683
MS Gregson Inc
Drummondville   Phone: 819-474-1910
MSI Surfaces
Mississauga   Phone: 905-812-6135
MTD Products Limited
Kitchener   Phone: 647-968-9855
Multiple Enterprises Inc
Chesley   Phone: 519-374-5745
MultiTech Trades Corp
Mississauga   Phone: 905-812-7900
Mulvihill Contracting And/Or Glen Mulvihill
Oro-Medonte   Phone: 705-325-4764
Murray Bissonette Ent Inc
Rosseau   Phone: 705-774-1579
Muskoka Rock Company Ltd
Gravenhurst   Phone: 705-687-8700
Muskoka Town & Country Services Ltd
Bracebridge   Phone: 705-645-9772
Mutual Gain Consulting Inc
Tottenham   Phone: 647-333-2496
Narellan Pools
Kingston   Phone: 613-929-2091
Natmar Natural Stone and/or Mark Wilkie
Fergus   Phone: 519-820-4993
Natural Insect Control
Stevensville   Phone: 905-382-2904
Natural Stone Traders Inc
Nobleton   Phone: 647-287-7869
NBMR Enterprises
Stayner   Phone: 519-373-1161
Vaughan   Phone: 905-850-0974
Neudorff North America
Saanichton   Phone: 250-652-5888
Nevin Metzger Landscaping and/or Nevin Metzger
Thornbury   Phone: 705-351-2469
Newbs Handyman Services and Stump Removal and/or Brody Newbigging
Egmondville   Phone: 519-492-2763
Newhouse Home Comfort
Duntroon   Phone: 705-446-4769
Newport Leasing Limited
Burlington   Phone: 905-637-5208
NewRoads Automotive Group Ltd. O/A NewRoads National Leasing
Newmarket   Phone: 416-587-1021
Nicholson Truck & Equipment and/or Dan Nicholson
Pefferlaw   Phone: 289-264-6700
Nisco National Leasing
Burlington   Phone: 905-634-9559
Noordegraaf Enterprises Inc
New Lowell   Phone: 705-727-2228
Nor-am Doors & Windows Ltd
Toronto   Phone: 416-755-0880
NorCan Roofing & Contracting Corp and/or Graham Lawrence Forsyth
Barrie   Phone: 905-251-2291
Nortex Roofing Limited
Etobicoke   Phone: 416-236-6090
North Group Building Company LTD
New Hamburg   Phone: 519-580-3367
North Rock Rentals Ltd O/A Dan Campeau
Val Caron   Phone: 705-897-7369
North Toronto Construction and/or Adam Nicholson
Barrie   Phone: 647-545-0485
Northeast Roofing
Northern AQS
Barrie   Phone: 705-241-6940
Northern Construction Products and/or Clinton Lindgren and/or 1000349330 Ontario Inc
Barrie   Phone: 705-791-0397
Northern Construction Technology Inc
Markstay   Phone: 705-698-5931
Northern Drill Fluid Supplies and/or David Shedler
Milton   Phone: 647-455-5079
Northern Plumbing Systems Inc.
Barrie   Phone: 705-720-0581
Northern Rock Ltd
Gravenhurst   Phone: 705-644-0103
Northland Gardeners
Mont-Tremblant   Phone: 819-425-9592
Northshore Sports & Auto Inc
Sault Ste Marie   Phone: 705-942-9006
Northwoods Stonework
Huntsville   Phone: 705-783-9834
Nu Build Contracting Inc
Concord   Phone: 905-760-8600
Nu North Mechanical Ltd
Sudbury   Phone: 705-674-6175
Burlington   Phone: 416-948-2169
O'Neils Farm Equipment
Binbrook   Phone: 905-572-6714
Oaken Equipment
Brampton   Phone: 866-207-8406
Oakville Natural Stone Corporation
Mississauga   Phone: 905-270-1110
Oasis Pools 1981 Ltd
Burlington   Phone: 905-637-7711
Offshore Performance Marine Inc
Innisfil   Phone: 705-431-5881
Old Fort Furniture
Midland   Phone: 705-309-0240
Ollie's Roofing Ltd
Milton   Phone: 905-299-0195
ON EX Limited
Thornbury   Phone: 519-606-7330
On Site Management Inc.
Stayner   Phone: 705-716-3896
On-site Geotechnical Solutions Inc
Halton Hills   Phone: 416-989-6728
ON-Trux Ltd
Ayr   Phone: 519-620-1086
One Home Renovations
Angus   Phone: 705-715-4670
Ontario Filter Inc
Mississauga   Phone: 905-564-1813
Ontario ICF Supply Inc
Port Perry   Phone: 905-985-9901
Ontario Inc 202374 O/A Beaver Valley Ski Club
Markdale   Phone: 519-986-2520
Ontario Seed Company Ltd
Waterloo   Phone: 519-886-0557
Ontario Tar and Chip
Milton   Phone: 647-456-2010
Orangeville Building Supply
East Garafraxa   Phone: 519-942-3900
Osborne Construction Services
Utopia   Phone: 705-985-2627
Oshawa Electrical Services Inc
Clarksburg   Phone: 905-432-4591
Ottawa Brick & Stone
Ottawa   Phone: 613-747-6800
Otter Valley Concrete
Norwich   Phone: 226-973-9368
Outdoor Supplies & Equipment Inc
Hamilton   Phone: 905-578-2411
Outfront Portable Solutions
Beamsville   Phone: 800-282-1239
Oxford Dodge Chrysler Jeep
London   Phone: 519-473-1010
Oxy Tech Industries Inc and/or Jim Riordon
Georgetown   Phone: 905-877-1225
P & S Electric (1589950 Ltd)
Guelph   Phone: 519-265-6096
Pacific Rim Brackets Ltd
Vancouver   Phone: 604-844-2200
Palfinger North America
Niagara Falls   Phone: 905-374-3363
Pall-Con Construction Ltd
Schomberg   Phone: 905-669-9030
Paradigm Fleet Services
Stoney Creek   Phone: 905-975-3310
Paradise Recreation
Kitchener   Phone: 365-355-5160
Pat Lalonde Fencing
Patrick Mechanical
Lively   Phone: 705-692-3984
Patrick Sprack Limited
Lively   Phone: 705-692-3984
Paul Barraclough
Holland Landing   Phone: 289-383-0762
Pauls Service & Sales
Waterloo   Phone: 519-576-2247
PBR Excavating Inc
Tillsonburg   Phone: 519-808-4407
PCC Contracting
Sudbury   Phone: 705-566-4246
PCM Homes
Whitchurch-Stouffville   Phone: 416-678-1982
PDL Contracting Inc
Guelph   Phone: 519-827-4697
Pefferlaw Peat Products Inc
Cannington   Phone: 705-437-1490
Penetang Excavating Ltd
Penetanguishine   Phone: 705-528-4319
Penetang Sand & Gravel (2014) Ltd
Penetanguishene   Phone: 705-549-7153
People Corporation
Toronto   Phone: 905-470-9840
Perfect Post Hole and/or Tom Dwyer
Everett   Phone: 416-720-1349
Milton   Phone: 905-875-4215
Permanent Paving Ltd
Woodstock   Phone: 519-454-4500
Pete's Concrete inc
Langton   Phone: 519-403-5856
Petersen's Turf Farms
Osgoode   Phone: 613-821-2863
Petrie's Quality Topsoil Ltd
Milton   Phone: 905-842-7645
Cookstown   Phone: 705-796-8812
Pilot Trucking
Nobleton   Phone: 416-823-7943
Pinestone Construction and/or Shayne Deboer
Arthur   Phone: 519-994-0798
Pinnacle Quality Homes
Mitchell   Phone: 519-801-0067
Pique Supply Corp
Barrie   Phone: 705-242-3465
Plant Products Inc
Leamington   Phone: 905-793-7000
Platinum Electrical Contractors
Concord   Phone: 905-761-7647
Platinum Natural Stone Ltd
Buckhorn   Phone: 705-816-1779
Platinum Track Services Inc
York   Phone: 905-772-7272
Polar Built O/A Tim Coutu
Garson   Phone: 705-691-0422
Porcea Stone Inc
Toronto   Phone: 647-631-9733
Port Carling Marine
Port Carling   Phone: 705-801-5927
Positec Canada Ltd
Mississauga   Phone: 514-605-4620
Powell Contracting Ltd.
Stoufville   Phone: 905-727-2518
Powell Fence
Stouffville   Phone: 416-995-9057
Powerscreen of Canada Ltd
Oshawa   Phone: 905-576-0037
Precise Concrete Pumping Inc
Coldwater   Phone: 705-330-1930
Precision Pools
Kitchener   Phone: 519-746-6311
Precision Septic & Earthworks Ltd.
Ravenna   Phone: 519-599-2666
Precision Specialized Inc
Burford   Phone: 905-467-6004
Preferred Heating and Air Conditioning
Nobel   Phone: 705-938-1060
Premier Equipment Ltd
Elmira   Phone: 519-688-1011
Premier Tech Home & Garden - IGC
Riviere-du-Loup   Phone: 905-979-9922
Premium Mulch Products by Oxford Pallet & Recyclers Ltd
Norwich   Phone: 519-468-3400
Priestly Demolition Inc
King   Phone: 905-841-3735
Prisco Vans Ltd/Westcan MFG
Toronto   Phone: 647-400-7805
Pro Fleet Care
Brantford   Phone: 905-667-8595
PRO Landscape by Drafix Software
Kansas City   Phone: 816-842-4955
Pro-Power Canada Inc
Meaford   Phone: 519-538-0570
Probst Handling Equipment Corp.
Prior Lake   Phone: 952-226-6400
Professional Mobile Wash
Ottawa   Phone: 613-749-5500
Propeller Fine Homes
Gravenhurst   Phone: 705-788-4501
Property MD Corp
Concord   Phone: 416-278-4808
PSC-Power Source Canada Ltd
Milton   Phone: 289-851-4985
Pumpcrete Corp O/A Modern Crane
Niagara Falls   Phone: 905-354-3855
Purdy's Mechanical Ltd and/or Tyson Purdy and/or Garth Purdy
Stayner   Phone: 705-737-7901
Purecraft Renovations Inc
Hamilton   Phone: 905-928-6391
Quality Seeds Ltd
Vaughan   Phone: 905-856-7333
Quatro Industries Limited
Sudbury   Phone: 705-586-8668
Queensville Sod Farms Limited
Queensville   Phone: 905-478-2323
Quest Automotive Leasing Services
Scarborough   Phone: 416-609-2125
Quinn Construction
Tottenham   Phone: 905-936-5885
R. Jeppesen Contracting Ltd
Sudbury   Phone: 705-691-1005
R. Semple Solution O/A Ryan Semple and Raechel Semple
Alliston   Phone: 705-817-6446
R.Gottwald Construction Ltd
Petersburg   Phone: 519-497-8887
R.J. Marine Sales and Service
Oakville   Phone: 905-510-0380
R.V.M. Trucking Inc
Norwich   Phone: 519-468-2744
R.W. Tomlinson
Ottawa   Phone: 613-822-1908
Rabcon Contractors Ltd
Gormley   Phone: 905-888-6281
Rain Bird International
Burlington   Phone: 416-836-4056
Rally Electric Inc
Huntsville   Phone: 705-783-9886
Ralph MacDonald Construction & Aggregates Ltd
Creemore   Phone: 705-466-2807
Rangar Concrete Forming Inc
Tillsonburg   Phone: 519-983-7700
Ray Cann Farming Ltd
Port Hope   Phone: 905-377-5701
RAZAX Limited O/A Archadeck of South West GTA
Oakville   Phone: 289-795-9929
RB Enterprises
Innisfil   Phone: 705-436-7572
Ready Machinery & Equipment Inc
Milton   Phone: 905-432-4024
Reaume Chevrolet Buick GMC
LaSalle   Phone: 519-734-7844
Redi-Wall Forming & Concrete Inc
St. George   Phone: 519-623-3617
Regional Tractor Sales Ltd
Freelton   Phone: 905-659-1094
Reid Construction Solutions and/or Doug Reid
Oro-Medonte   Phone: 705-716-9522
ReJean Vachon (808749543)
Chelmsford   Phone: 705-562-0402
Res-Com Excavating Ltd
Newmarket   Phone: 905-235-5383
Revolver Screening Systems
Guelph   Phone: 519-820-4666
Rhude Well Drilling Inc
Sudbury   Phone: 705-507-5128
Richard Heitkoetter O/A Serenity Decks (2268188 ON Ltd)
Scarborough   Phone: 416-282-7374
Rick Lloyd
Creemore   Phone: 705-446-4203
RICO Lighting & Electrical Services
Ridgehill Ford
Cambridge   Phone: 519-621-0720
Rinox Inc
Terrebonne   Phone: 450-477-7888
Ritestart Limited
Burlington   Phone: 905-876-0505
Riverside Renos and/or Maximillian Verdonk
Pickering   Phone: 647-269-2267
Riverside Rental
Tecumseh   Phone: 519-979-2300
Riverstone Landscaping Supplies/Thompsons Plumbing Services
Belleville   Phone: 613-922-1444
Riverview Custom Carpentry and/or Steve Paxton
Zephyr   Phone: 905-806-5085
RM Adams Trucking Ltd
Kitchener   Phone: 519-744-0151
Robert Robinson Willemse Drainage Inc
Strathroy   Phone: 519-777-1778
Robertson Rent-All
Kanata   Phone: 613-834-1077
Robinson Solutions
Markham   Phone: 905-926-8792
Rock Interlock Inc
Huntsville   Phone: 705-783-8230
Lively   Phone: 705-626-4054
Rockhouse Construction Inc and/or Joseph Tete
North York   Phone: 416-662-7607
Rockwood Bins and/or Matthew Thatcher
Rockwood   Phone: 519-829-6289
Rollerup Solutions Inc
Newmarket   Phone: 855-576-5587
Romex Canada
North Vancouver   Phone: 604-913-1579
Roofworx Inc
Sutton West   Phone: 416-882-4675
Roscom General Contracting O/A 2445216 Ontario Inc
Angus   Phone: 705-321-9565
Rosu Developments Inc
Breslau   Phone: 519-588-5360
Royal Brinkman Canada Inc
Guelph   Phone: 519-821-1684
Royal Town Construction Ltd
Woodbridge   Phone: 416-654-2690
Royale Oak Hardwood Flooring
Scarborough   Phone: 416-460-5887
RS Breakers and Controls Inc
Mississauga   Phone: 647-280-7376
RTI Equipment Solutions Inc
Innisfil   Phone: 647-444-5064
Rural Builders Ltd
Lively   Phone: 705-207-4890
Rush Truck Centres of Canada
Mississauga   Phone: 905-671-7600
Ryczko Contracting and/or Jonathan M Ryczko
Penetanguishine   Phone: 705-528-4955
Rymar Synthetic Grass Ltd
Mississauga   Phone: 905-696-9001
Sacha David Logging and/or Sacha David
Sault Ste Marie   Phone: 807-630-5942
Sanderson Metal Recovery
Acton   Phone: 519-710-5345
Sandy Hamilton Plumbing & Heating Inc
Priceville   Phone: 519-369-1011
Santerra Stonecraft
Windsor   Phone: 519-726-5444
Savile Construction
Stratford   Phone: 519-271-3787
SB Partners LLP
Burlington   Phone: 905-633-6313
Schmidt's Services and/or Justin Schmidt
Sauble Beach   Phone: 519-373-4450
Scott Reinhart Trailer Sales Ltd
Mulmur   Phone: 519-925-2089
Scott Sedore Concrete Inc
Woodville   Phone: 905-955-3016
Scottish Gas Group Inc
Toronto   Phone: 416-412-4424
SCR Mining
Val Caron   Phone: 705-665-1223
SDR Enterprises Inc
Inglewood   Phone: 416-677-8420
Seamless Fabrication
Severn   Phone: 705-238-7557
Secord Excavating
Stouffville   Phone: 416-948-6938
Select Stone Supply
Burlington   Phone: 905-335-4900
Service Excellence and/or William Francis
Oro-Medonte   Phone: 705-770-2111
Shamrock Property Maintenance (Angus) Ltd
Stayner   Phone: 705-623-7990
Shaw Bros Limited
Barrie   Phone: 705-728-1766
Shawn Stewart Inc and/or Shawn Stewart
Duntroon   Phone: 705-999-9489
Shorline Construction Ltd
Port Carling   Phone: 705-644-3248
SHS Concepts Inc
Puslinch   Phone: 519-212-0638
Sickle Contracting Limited
St George Brant   Phone: 519-761-0745
Sid's Ponds & Gardenscapes Inc
Mississauaga   Phone: 905-824-5104
Sierra Contracting And/Or 2616795 Ontario Inc
Ajax   Phone: 705-690-4939
Silva Solutions and/or Alexandre Silva
Cookstown   Phone: 705-718-8039
Simcoe Auto Collision
Barrie   Phone: 416-209-3026
Simcoe Block (1979) Ltd
Barrie   Phone: 705-728-1773
Simcoe Decks
Blue Mountains   Phone: 705-719-7119
Simcoe Interlock Inc O/A Ryan Macnicol
Wasaga Beach   Phone: 705-727-6482
Simplistic Lines Inc
Stratford   Phone: 519-348-0653
SiteOne Landscape Supply
Burlington   Phone: 248-588-2100
SJ Garden Sheds Inc
Watford   Phone: 519-849-7433
Sketch Design Build Inc
Barrie   Phone: 705-309-3685
SKRT Inc and/or Edward Skrt
Barrie   Phone: 705-623-5258
Sky High Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc
Barrie   Phone: 705-728-8888
Slack Lumber
York   Phone: 905-772-1087
Smale (WR) Co (1979) Ltd
Mossley   Phone: 519-269-3754
Smart Construction Inc O/A Tim Fitzpatrick
Duntroon   Phone: 705-715-3437
Smart Insulation Systems Inc
Collingwood   Phone: 705-715-3437
Smilsky Sod Farms Ltd
Cookstown   Phone: 705-440-8577
Snow Brothers Contracting
Erin   Phone: 519-833-9367
Soil Cycle Environmental
Rockwood   Phone: 289-941-0774
Soloman Plumbing and/or Alyse Soloman
Melancthon   Phone: 519-216-2780
Somerville Hino
Toronto   Phone: 416-860-1600
Somerville Renovation & Fabrication
Sparta   Phone: 519-777-3780
Sona Constructor Inc
Hamilton   Phone: 905-548-9312
Sons of Concrete
Walkerton   Phone: 519-379-0470
Southbrook Accounting Services
Hamilton   Phone: 289-260-0824
Southbrook Consulting
Waterdown   Phone: 905-689-4371
Southpoint Automation
Leamington   Phone: 226-229-0700
Southwold Concrete Forming Ltd
Port Stanley   Phone: 519-619-8229
Speare Seeds
Harriston   Phone: 519-338-3840
Specialty Excavating Inc.
Wellesley   Phone: 519-501-9133
Speedway Trailers O/O Directsave Canada Inc
Cambridge   Phone: 519-658-0444
Sport Systems Canada Inc
Almonte   Phone: 613-256-1112
Sprout's Premium Earth Products
Belleville   Phone: 613-966-1411
Spruceside Construction
Fonthill   Phone: 905-351-3113
Sprucewood Leasing Ltd
Aurora   Phone: 905-726-1116
St. Onge Recreation
Barrie   Phone: 705-733-2280
Stacked Group Inc
Greater Sudbury   Phone: 705-222-3378
Stairhaus Inc
Barrie   Phone: 705-733-9292
Stand Alone Tire and/or Craig Matta and/or Jennifer Matta
Mt Forest   Phone: 647-688-8455
Star Roses and Plants / The Conard-Pyle Co
West Grove   Phone: 610-869-2426
State Building Corporation and/or Barry Zagdanski
Station Grill Outdoor Kitchen
Mercier   Phone: 450-844-7455
Stayner Travel Trailer Ltd
Stayner   Phone: 705-429-2600
Steelhaus Inc
Barrie   Phone: 705-733-9292
Steelway Building Systems a division of Glen White Industries Ltd
Aylmer   Phone: 519-765-2244
Stephenson Technologies Inc and/or Flextoy Powersports Inc.
Barrie   Phone: 705-720-0093
Steve Simms and/or SSR Equipment
Amaranth   Phone: 519-717-4800
Steve Snider Construction Inc
Port Perry   Phone: 905-985-8201
Steve Young Construction Ltd
Collingwood   Phone: 705-441-2784
Stewart's Equipment
Erin   Phone: 519-833-9616
Stihl Ltd
London   Phone: 519-681-3000
Stone-Link Corp
Woodbridge   Phone: 905-850-8430
STONEarch - Natural Stone Wholesale
Bolton   Phone: 905-857-6600
Stonemen's Valley Inc
Kettleby   Phone: 905-841-8400
Cambridge   Phone: 519-624-7500
Stoney Creek Ready Mix
Hamilton   Phone: 905-577-3126
Straitline Contracting Inc
Mooretown   Phone: 519-862-5621
Strathroy Turf Farms
Appin   Phone: 519-661-7672
Street Construction Limited
Barrie   Phone: 705-726-7645
Strong Foam Insulation Inc
Kitchener   Phone: 519-900-6000
Strongco Case
Brampton   Phone: 905-791-3131
Sturdy Formed Concrete Ltd
Brunner   Phone: 519-274-2632
Sun Construction
St.Clements   Phone: 519-584-4480
Sunbelt Rentals of Canada
Kitchener   Phone: 705-739-6999
Sunguard Awnings & Patio
Sunrise Equipment
Norwich   Phone: 519-421-6957
Sunset Decks Inc
Milton   Phone: 416-936-7616
Sunshine Snow Service Inc
Ottawa   Phone: 613-747-0042
Super Soils
Barrie   Phone: 705-726-7645
Superior Door and Gate Systems Limited
Mississauga   Phone: 905-828-7000
Surgenor Truck Centre (Ottawa)
Ottawa   Phone: 613-745-0024
Swap Robotics
Kitchener   Phone: 226-868-9172
Sweet grass operating as Frank Pegahmagabow
Sudbury   Phone: 705-690-9005
Switches and Thangs Inc
Etobicoke   Phone: 416-901-4323
Burlington   Phone: 519-485-5770
Syngenta Flowers
Gilroy   Phone: 408-847-7333
System Fencing Limited
Rockwood   Phone: 905-208-0726
T&R renovations inc
Hamilton   Phone: 905-599-9699
T. Weber Co. Ltd
Bloomingdale   Phone: 519-742-2051
T.G. Carroll Cartage Ltd
Carp   Phone: 613-836-7927
TA Appliances & Barbecues
Kitchener   Phone: 519-578-0300
Tait Excavation
Sudbury   Phone: 705-626-8383
Talevi Welding & Mechanical
Lively   Phone: 705-692-3500
Tamarack North Ltd
Port Carling   Phone: 705-765-1364
TankTek Environmental Services Ltd
Pickering   Phone: 905-839-4400
Target Specialty Products
Burlington   Phone: 416-458-2396
Tarini Rentals & Contracting
Sudbury   Phone: 705-673-6167
Taunton Pools
Oshawa   Phone: 905-571-0189
Taylor Sheet Metal Ltd
Sudbury   Phone: 705-560-4435
TCS Services and/or Richard Scott
Kemble   Phone: 519-373-1207
Candiac   Phone: 800-465-7325
Techno Metal Post Barrie, Simcoe, Muskoka and/or Maztek Construction Ltd
Cookstown   Phone: 416-526-2224
Techno Metal Post Hamilton-Durham Inc
Campbellville   Phone: 905-467-3172
Techo-Bloc Inc
St-Hubert   Phone: 450-656-2992
Terrafix Geosynthetics Inc
Toronto   Phone: 416-674-0363
Terrain Excavation Inc
Hamilton   Phone: 905-689-4946
Terrapave Construction Corp
Brampton   Phone: 416-873-7133
Terry Dunford Excavating Limited
Lakefield   Phone: 705-652-0888
Tessa's Framing and/or Tessa Reck
Collingwood   Phone: 705-888-5051
Thames Valley Brick & Building Products Ltd
Burlington   Phone: 905-637-6997
The Cad Smith
Port Severn   Phone: 705-321-7933
The Deck Yard HDD Wholesale Decking O/A Hickory Dickory Decks
Dundas   Phone: 905-689-4774
The Dirt Depot Inc
Troy   Phone: 905-689-8787
The Insurance Market Insurance Brokers Ltd
Pickering   Phone: 905-686-0701
The Muskoka Sauna Company
Gravenhurst   Phone: 416-899-1985
The Salt Depot
Markham   Phone: 905-479-1177
The Shop Industrial Inc
Greater Sudbury   Phone: 705-682-1522
The Toro Company
Bloomington   Phone: 952-887-8038
Thomas Cavanagh Construction & Cavanagh Concrete Ltd
Ashton   Phone: 613-257-2918
Thornhill Lawn Equipment Ltd
Thornhill   Phone: 905-889-5517
Thorntree Industries Ltd
Mississauga   Phone: 416-720-9479
Three Lakes Concierge and/or Tyler Green and/or Kevin Green
Toronto   Phone: 647-401-8072
Dallas   Phone: 905-483-5437
Tim Grummett Trucking and/or Tim Grummett
Meaford   Phone: 313-600-7306
Tim McDowell Equipment
Skead   Phone: 866-969-4182
Timber Enterprises and/or Jason Pain and/or Jacob Pain
Midhurst   Phone: 705-725-5770
Lindsay   Phone: 905-242-5647
Timberworx Custom Homes Inc
Guelph   Phone: 226-780-0234
Timbir Contracting O/A Tim Reid O/A Ashley Gray
Woodville   Phone: 705-457-7287
Titan Environmental Containment
Ile Des Chenes   Phone: 204-878-3955
Toemar Garden Supplies
Mississauga   Phone: 905-826-3821
Tom & Al's Haulage Inc
Creemore   Phone: 647-882-2365
Tom Hendriks O/A 2461451 Ontario Inc.
East Gwillimbury   Phone: 416-312-7407
Tommy Carruthers Service Inc
Sudbury   Phone: 705-675-5996
Tonelli Electrical Services Inc
Campbellville   Phone: 905-580-6562
Top Tier Group
Mississauga   Phone: 647-699-4926
Topcrete Contracting Ltd
Erin   Phone: 647-468-4480
Total Disposal & Recycling Solutions Inc.
Georgetown   Phone: 289-429-1525
Total Equipment Sales Inc
Total Home Centre Inc
Sudbury   Phone: 705-560-5222
Total Rentals
Brantford   Phone: 519-449-1200
Trackless Vehicles Ltd
Courtland   Phone: 519-688-0370
TradeWinds International Sales Co Inc
Mississauga   Phone: 877-654-6458
Trading Up Contracting
Garson   Phone: 705-919-4673
Trains Custom Carpentry and/or Brenden Train
Amaranth   Phone: 519-939-1318
Treemendous Tree Sales and Transplanting
Clinton   Phone: 519-233-3300
Trevor Somerville Rentals and/or Trevor Somerville
London   Phone: 226-222-0850
Tri Truck Centre Inc
Barrie   Phone: 705-722-8600
Tri-Flame Natural Gas Services Ltd
Etobicoke   Phone: 416-746-3371
Triole Small Engine Repair Ltd.
Ottawa   Phone: 613-748-3991
Triple H Concrete Products Ltd
Putnam   Phone: 519-485-4741
TriStar Interior Contractors Inc
Barrie   Phone: 705-220-7097
Lyn   Phone: 613-802-3079
True Caliber Contracting Corp.
Dunnville   Phone: 289-968-0201
True North Restoration Solutions and/or Robert Bradley Schultz
Meaford   Phone: 519-379-4931
TS Benefit Solutions
Waterloo   Phone: 519-746-2288
TSP Safety Training
London   Phone: 519-671-5094
Tundra International Inc o/a Tundra Rescue
Stayner   Phone: 705-795-5321
Turf Care Products Canada Ltd
Newmarket   Phone: 905-836-0988
Twelve Estate Rentals Inc
Plattsville   Phone: 226-929-8945
Twin Equipment Ltd
Ottawa   Phone: 877-745-8946
Tykel Commercial Door Supply Inc
Hannon   Phone: 905-512-7461
Tyler Bridle o/a Creative Home Solutions
Collingwood   Phone: 705-443-9997
U-Pak Disposals Ltd
Etobicoke   Phone: 416-550-7099
Oakville   Phone: 519-965-5564
UFC Contracting Inc and/or Joseph Francelj
Barrie   Phone: 705-333-4321
Ultimate Shack Inc and/or Larry Swalm
Duntroon   Phone: 705-888-1004
Ultra-Stone Inc
Brampton   Phone: 416-903-1904
Unilock Limited
Georgetown   Phone: 905-453-1438
Universal Builders Inc
Flesherton   Phone: 519-375-0771
Up & Down Lifting Solutions
Ayr   Phone: 519-577-5178
UPI Energy FS
Guelph   Phone: 519-821-2667
Upper Canada Stone Company Ltd
Oro Medonte   Phone: 705-835-7530
Upstream Construction Inc and/or Andrew Noxon
Caledon   Phone: 416-271-4488
Urban Green Building & Landscaping Supplies
Scarborough   Phone: 416-694-6444
Utility Force Construction Inc
Vaughan   Phone: 905-266-1500
V & P's Topsoil & Landscape Supplies
London   Phone: 519-690-0003
Valley Mechanical Inc
Scarborough   Phone: 905-432-4024
Valleyview Construction (659826 ON Inc)
Clarksburg   Phone: 705-444-4869
Van Belle Nursery Inc
Abbotsford   Phone: 888-826-2355
Van Noort Bulb Co Ltd
St. Catharines   Phone: 905-641-2152
Vanden Bussche Irrigation - Head Office
Delhi   Phone: 519-871-4545
VanDuzer Painting & Decorating Inc and/or Douglas VanDuzer
Hamilton   Phone: 905-981-0468
Vanhoef Steel
Norwich   Phone: 519-532-3496
Vanica Inc
Moorefield   Phone: 519-588-4908
Varis Mine Technology Ltd
Sudbury   Phone: 705-929-9283
Vectorworks Canada Inc
Vancouver   Phone: 604-878-0287
Vega Mobile Wash
Ramara Township   Phone: 705-345-1812
Ventrac by Venture Products
Orrville   Phone: 330-683-0075
Verduyn Tarps
Hamilton   Phone: 905-578-3677
Vermeer Canada Inc
Brampton   Phone: 905-793-9339
Verti-Crete Of Toronto Inc
Bolton   Phone: 905-857-8572
Vertigo Research Labs
Stratford   Phone: 416-571-5151
Veugen Integrated Tech
Cambridge   Phone: 519-590-3769
Vianet Inc
Sudbury   Phone: 705-691-0500
Villano Construction Limited/FHR Construction
Sudbury   Phone: 705-673-7015
Vincent Kyle Construction Ltd
Orillia   Phone: 705-325-6490
Vineland Growers Co-Operative Ltd
Jordan Station   Phone: 905-562-4133
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre
Vineland Station   Phone: 905-562-0320
Vinson Well Drilling
Coldwater   Phone: 705-835-2268
Vistaview Management LTD.
Vaughan   Phone: 416-987-5500
Vivax Metrotech Canada Inc
Concord   Phone: 289-846-3010
Voreios International
Voth Sales & Services Inc
Courtland   Phone: 519-866-3459
W.H. Scrivens & Son Limited
Ottawa   Phone: 613-247-1739
W.N. Bird Financial Group (Bird Fuels)
Collingwood   Phone: 705-445-4501
W.O. Stinson and Son Ltd
Gloucester   Phone: 613-822-7400
Wacker Neuson Ltd
Brantford   Phone: 905-795-1661
Walden Mechanical
Lively   Phone: 705-682-1212
Walker Construction & Contracting
Severn   Phone: 705-345-0278
Wallace Chevrolet
Milton   Phone: 905-878-2355
Wallenstein Equipment Inc
Wallenstein   Phone: 519-699-9283
Walton Excavation/002617669 and/or Brett Lee
Walton   Phone: 519-440-9424
Wasaga 500 Snow Removal
Wasaga Beach   Phone: 705-322-2594
Waterloo Crop Services
Waterloo   Phone: 519-574-6219
Waters Edge Contracting and/or Thomas Karrow
Kincardine   Phone: 519-386-1130
Weagant Farm Supplies Ltd
Winchester   Phone: 343-787-2120
Weathertight Windows and Doors
Tiny   Phone: 705-929-7306
Weir Gradall
Bracebridge   Phone: 705-644-1745
Weldon Roofing & Exteriors
Collingwood   Phone: 705-293-1644
Welland Equipment Rentals Ltd
Welland   Phone: 905-735-1542
WFD Construction Inc
Creemore   Phone: 705-446-4456
Wheeler Construction Inc and/or Luke Wheeler
Fergus   Phone: 519-546-9691
White's Wearparts Ltd
Peterborough   Phone: 705-743-1606
Wilkinson Chutes Canada
Rexdale   Phone: 416-746-5547
Wilkinson Lucas Ltd
Mulmur   Phone: 705-443-1920
Williams Carpentry A/O Jeffery Williams
Minesing   Phone: 705-790-3000
Williamson Leasing
Uxbridge   Phone: 905-852-3331
Burlington   Phone: 289-775-5814
Willowlee Sod Farms Ltd
Ameliasburg   Phone: 613-966-0338
Wilson's Water Wells Limited
Stouffville   Phone: 905-640-4369
Dundas   Phone: 905-628-3055
Wintermere Sod Growers
Ajax   Phone: 905-686-0972
Woodstock Tire Service Ltd
Woodstock   Phone: 519-421-9580
Worldwide Stone
Brampton   Phone: 647-618-2524
Wouda Horticultural
Paris   Phone: 519-774-0849
WSM Construction Inc
Kitchener   Phone: 519-465-0643
Wuis Brothers Construction
Pontypool   Phone: 705-277-9442
Wyndham Holdings O/A Jeff Scheere
Millbank   Phone: 519-616-4656
YMP Investments LTD
Toronto   Phone: 416-791-3946
Young Logging (Bancroft) Ltd
Bancroft   Phone: 613-334-0610
Zach’s Trax Excavation Inc.
Milverton   Phone: 226-748-9298
Zakaib Contracting
Huntsville   Phone: 705-571-5340
Zanatta Contracting & Mechanical Services Ltd
Freelton   Phone: 905-875-7777
Zander Sod Co Ltd
Kettleby   Phone: 905-727-2100
Zettel-Fischer Contracting
Walkerton   Phone: 519-889-3023
Zwart's Topsoil & Landscape Supplies Ltd
Thornbury   Phone: 519-599-1027